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We provide high-quality Tanzania beetroot to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Tanzania beetroot from family growers in the country.

Tanzania beetroot (which belongs to the Beta vulgaris family) is the edible taproot of the beet. The plant has multiple purposes besides food production. One unconventional use is in the making of food colors from both the leaves and the tubers. Its folk use includes the making of medicine to treat constipation and provide relief from fever. In appearance, the plant bears pink stems that hold the multiple leaves closer to the edible underground bulbs and roots.

The earliest cultivation of beets was in ancient Greece in the third century B.C. The citizens of neighboring civilizations including Rome also cultivated the crop for its beet greens or leaves. Its first commercial cultivation in Germany in 1542 A.D. triggered its spread to other parts of Europe and then to Asia and Africa.

We source Tanzania beetroot from the central-southern zone particularly Iringa. Farmers grow the crop in their 0.5-hectare parcels of land next to carrots and other tubers. They maintain the nutritional and medicinal value of the plant by keeping off chemicals. They also apply generous volumes of organic manure at 6 tons per hectare for soil fertility.

We harvest Tanzania beetroot at around the 50th or 70th day of planting them. By now the leaves are at their most lengthy and measure 6 inches long. Our expert farmhands uproot the plant by getting a firm hold on the bunch of leaves to tip the partially visible bright-colored bulb off the soil. In the firm ground, our team uses blunt-edged hoes to uproot the corms.

We prepare the uprooted Tanzania beetroot for the market by dry-brushing them. In case there is a need for water, we use it sparingly and immediately dry the bulbs in the sun. We sort the firm corms and discard any misshapen or softened ones.

We pack Tanzania beetroot in various receptacles; the most common being produce boxes. The others include trays and consumer bags. The produce boxes have different capacities of 11.3 and 22.6 kilograms. We usually attach produce labels that feature the name of the produce, its country of origin, the net weight and the destination.

We also provide beets in the form of leaves upon special orders.  We put them in herb boxes in bunches of 5 to 8 pieces. A box has the capacity for a dozen or two dozen such bunches. We top off the box with ice to keep the leaves fresh during their outbound journey.

We store Tanzania beetroot and beet leaves in a cool, dry environment away from contamination.  We maintain the temperature range of between 0 and 10 degrees Celsius. To guarantee fresh arrival, we minimize the storage duration by packing almost on the order date.

Our pre-cooled delivery vans convey the cargo of Tanzania beetroot to the Kilimanjaro International in Arusha or Julius Nyerere International in Dar-es-Salaam on the packing date. You can expect the delivery to touch down in your city in the next 24 to 48 hours.

In other words, nothing beats a supply of Tanzania beetroot in medicinal and food attributes, which is why you should order it from us. Our sources have Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications. This ensures that we only provide quality produce with less than 0.01 percent residual levels. On top of that, our quantity parameters are always constant as we have hundreds of family growers who cultivate surplus for us. In pricing terms, we maintain very affordable rates that suit your budgetary allocation. Make an order today!


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