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We provide high-quality Tanzania tannia to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Tanzania tannia from family growers in Tanzania.

Tanzania tannia (Xanthosoma spp.) or malanga is one of the underground roots that locals grow for subsistence. Due to the similar foliage and tubers, people confuse the plant with taro. In appearance, the roots look like a half-cast of yams and taro and are mostly curved. The plant itself grows as tall as 2 meters. The short stem is firm and upright and appears dwarfed under the huge leaves in serrated formation. The leaves are also arrow-shaped, perhaps a reason for the popular reference of the plant as ‘arrowleaf elephant ear.’  The length of the leaves is up to 75 centimeters.  The flower is dull-looking as it grows beneath the leaves and sometimes none appears.

The native home of the plant was the central parts of the Americas, perhaps Puerto Rico many centuries back. Eventually, the tuber spread in the last 200 years to the rest of the tropics. The world’s biggest producer of the tuber is now West Africa where it goes under the term yautia.

The main variety that grows in Tanzania is the Meloidogyne spp. Though growers battle with the leaf-burning disease, they still produce it in large numbers for home use and sale. Locals consume the tubers in boiled, roasted, baked and fried forms.

We source Tanzania taro from the Morogolo region in the east. Here, family growers cultivate the crop in patches of land of average 0.5 hectares. They maintain the grounds under farmyard manure for soil enrichment. They also keep the land free of chemical sprays to reduce the residual levels.

We harvest Tanzania tannia when we note the onset of yellowed leaves, especially the outer ones. We use hand means to dig up the plant, just like the potato. Sometimes we also employ garden forks to shallowly remove the soil around the many tubers known as cormels. After removing the cormels, we leave the main root or corm in the ground to bring up a new crop the next season.

We clean the surfaces of the twisted cormels by water and scraping tools. After thorough washing, we rinse and wipe clean the pieces. We then begin the process of packing them in produce boxes.

We use cardboard boxes and cartons to pack Tanzania tannia. We, first of all, wrap the cormlets in mesh bags that provide them with sufficient aeration, before putting them into the boxes. Each package comes with a capacity of 10 kilograms. We attach produce labels inclusive of the name of the tuber, the net weight, the packing date and the country of origin next to our logo.

We store Tanzania tannia in a well-ventilated cold room environment under cool, dry conditions. We maintain a temperature mean of 7 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of 80%. This gives the crop some 26 weeks of fresh storage.

We transport Tanzania tannia to the airport or port in Dar-es-Salaam expeditiously via our special trucks that are fitted with modified environment interiors. We ensure that there is little possibility of injury by using pads to absorb the load pressure under each cargo hold in the vehicle.

We are in short your best source of some of the rarer produce of Africa, namely Tanzania tannia. We source the tubers from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers. We provide the tubers in the perfect quantity parameters as we source them in surplus.  Our prices, on the other hand, are very affordable as they reflect your budget. You can, therefore, start by making an order today!




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