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We provide high-quality Tanzania coriander to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Tanzania coriander from family growers in the country.

Tanzania coriander (Coriandrum sativum) is a commercialized aromatic spice with lasting popularity.  Also known as Cilantro, the crop goes under the Swahili terms Dania from the Hindi word dhania and majani ya giligilani.  The leaves spice meals and soups while the seeds serve as stew additives. Almost all of the retail coriander in Tanzania comes from Singida in the dry central parts of the country. Other areas include Morogoro as well as Zanzibar where it is common as a garden plant. The origin of the plant is southern Europe and the islands of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Every serving of coriander is a ticket to immunity against diseases as it contains 45% of vitamin C. ¼ cupful of seed soup is enough to meet 5% of the daily needs of vitamin A which promotes eye health. The negligible fat and low cholesterol in the leaves also prevents the onset of cardiac problems.  You can also treat such diseases as diarrhea, indigestion, skin inflammation and anemia with this spice.

We source Tanzania coriander from Singida, Msimbazi Valley in Dar-es-Salaam and Morogoro, among other regions. Our family growers cultivate their cilantro under the same conditions as it grows in the wild. I.e., free of pesticide application. They add farmyard manure instead of commercial fertilizers to enrich the crop with minerals.

We pick Tanzania coriander in two forms: leaf and seed harvests. For the leaves, we pick them early when they are at their full bloom by cutting the stalks holding them. We repeat the process every few days.  We do the seed harvest when the plant is past its maturity and has begun to dry off. We cut the seed heads in clusters using garden scissors. We take the seed heads to a drying shed after putting the whole clusters in tight polythene. After a few days, the seeds will have fallen off the drying debris and can be ready to collect, sort and pack.

We pack Tanzania coriander in leaf bundles of a dozen pieces at a go. We also have double that bunch for larger packages. We feature the bundles in telescopic cartons with polyethylene linings to keep the produce hydrated. We first wrap the bunches in clamshell or plastic bags before insertion into the cartons. Our final routine is for the warehouse attendant to carefully stick produce labels featuring the date of packing, the net weight and the country of origin.

We store Tanzania coriander at a minimum temperature of 0 degrees Celsius to keep it fresh. The near-freezing temperature also protects the leaves and seeds from developing dark spots that are caused by rot. The controlled temperature keeps the produce for the next 3 weeks in a quality condition.

Our pre-cooled vehicles also ensure that the shipment arrives at the airport still flushed in its light green color and wafting its signature aromatic odor. The dispatch of coriander from the airport in Dar-es-Salaam, give or take, requires 1 or 2 days to reach your base.

So, if you need Tanzania coriander in fresh quality from family growers in especially Singida, you now have a partner to count on. Our produce comes from family growers with land less than 2 acres that they cultivate under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions. You will obtain the shipment on the same day you specify as the due date and in the right quantity. We keep the prices very affordable by adjusting them to the lower margin of the current market rates. Make your order today!

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