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Tanzania capsicum (Capsicum annuum) or bell pepper or pili pili hoho in Swahili is a spice from the nightshade family of Solanaceae. It has many uses, most culinary and others medicinal: it treats migraine, dry skin and ulcers. The most common colors of the bell-shaped fruit are green, yellow, orange and red. The rarer colors include cream, indigo and lemon green for the ripe fruits.

Native to Latin America, capsicum first came to the outside world in 1493 when Spanish conquistadors brought it to Europe from Mexico. It then dispersed to Asia, particularly China and Africa, where it now serves as a cash crop.

Capsicum has perhaps the highest proportion of vitamin C of any plant that stands at 404 percent of the daily value. This is why it prevents and treats such conditions as gastronomic problems, back pain and muscle pull, alongside cancer. The level of vitamin A for boosting eyesight is about 23 percent of the daily requirements. The margin of magnesium is 6 percent of the daily requirements and this is essential for bone formation. The volume of vitamin B-6, important for bodily metabolism is 15 percent per serving. The proportion of iron for sharp brain function tails off at 6 percent of the recommended daily amount. The spice also has 6 percent worth of dietary fiber, 5 grams of sugar and 3 percent of carbohydrates per serving.

We source Tanzania capsicum in the Kilimanjaro region as well as Kigoma, Ruvuma and Morogoro districts, all of which are spice-growing regions. Our family growers cultivate the crop on average half a hectare of land and expect yields of half a ton for every hectare. They fertilize the soil by organic manure and forgo chemical sprays to keep the residual levels down.

Our family growers of Tanzania capsicum brave the dew of the morning to harvest the crop before the sun turns up. The reason is to pack the fruits when they still have about 14 percent of their water content intact. Our farmers use garden scissors to cut the green berry at the base. We cart away the produce in our produce vans to the packing shed. Our green fruits will usually ripen naturally into diverse colors in the space of 1 month.

After we deliver them to the packinghouse, we pre-cool the fruits to remove field heat. We then sort the capsicums mechanically by quality, hue, weight and size parameters. Though many are still green at this stage, our sorting machines have programmed chips that tell the cultivars apart. We keep only firm, slightly ripe fruits with clear skin.

We pack Tanzania capsicum in flow pack and loose pack formats. The first one contains meticulously selected fruits by cultivar, color and size for the loose pack, neither size nor variety matters as we keep them in one carton but arrange them carefully. We wrap each piece in a polyurethane wrapper that keeps it fresh and hydrated. We then put it next to its peers in the carton.

Alternatively, we pack bell peppers in a shrunken seal. This is where after wrapping each piece in a protective polythene material, we then put it into a tray with a sunken area that holds one fruit. We seal the top of the tray with firm film lining that keeps out air. All the trays then go into a bag where each fruit sits in a well-aerated place next to other sealed fruits.

We store Tanzania capsicum in a ventilated, cool, dry environment at the temperatures of 7 to 13 degrees Celsius. We maintain this temperature on board our special delivery trucks that come fitted with modified environment interiors. The cargo reaches Dar-es-Salaam on the same day of packing and ships away immediately by air.

In short, if you are after perhaps the mildest chili around, then you have to contact us for our fresh Tanzania capsicum. The fruit comes from family growers who have little patches of land that they maintain through Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). This means that you will receive an organically-grown fruit. No matter the quantity you request, we keep our prices optimal so that we can match your budget. Make an order today!




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