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Tanzania green chili (C. annuum) arrived on the East African coast between 1500 and 1700 A.D., courtesy of the Portuguese on their way to India. It is a curry that spices meals in many households especially in the coastal area of Tanzania. Its ‘green’ attribute lies in the fact that it undergoes harvest before it turns red or yellow depending on the cultivar. When it ripens, it loses its green tinge, and most varieties turn into berbere pepper.  It not only features as an after-addition to meals in cut pieces but as a stew additive in ground powder form.

Tanzania farmers mainly grow the Green Bird’s Eye variety. Unlike its namesake, Bird’s Eye berbere, it has low heat which is nearly half the capsaicin degree of its ripe alternative. Its sources include Morogolo where the main green chili variety is habanero. The locals harvest the little pods that measure 5 centimeters long and 3 centimeters wide when they are yet to turn orange.

Consuming this low capsaicin pod is a leeway to vitamins and minerals, among other nutrients.  The vitamin C level of Tanzania green chili stands at 239 percent or 2.4 times the daily value. Despite the dilution of water by spiciness, this pepper has a vitamin K concentration of 8.9 percent, which is essential in blood clotting. The level of magnesium is 5 percent of the daily needs and it helps to strengthen bones. Vitamin B-6 is present at 25 percent per serving while vitamin A is 19 percent.

We harvest Tanzania green chili when it is quite tender but fully developed. We look for green pods with flat bases and low seed content. These are necessary for shipments meant for processing canned foods. We also use garden scissors to cut the stalks of ready-to-eat green pods that measure 5 centimeters. These are firm, green and a little bloated. We do the picking in the early morning hours to reduce the effect of heat in a crop that has legendary internal heat of its own. We ensure that each harvest goes immediately to a shaded place before immediate pre-cooling to avoid deterioration.

We pre-cool the Tanzania green chili pods at least one hour after picking them to remove their harvest-time heat level of 32 degrees Celsius. We then select the healthiest ones, which we grade as No. 1. We put these in baskets. The produce then goes into bins and onto carts and then to the washing area. After soaking them in chlorinated water, we then rinse the pods in readiness for packing.

We pack Tanzania green chili in cartons of 1.3 bushel size with a weight capacity of 30 pints or 15 kilograms. The interiors of the cartons feature polyethylene linings for moisture retention. We insert the vented cartons into larger produce boxes. There are also waterproof, freezer bags that provide perfect preservation of the produce that we also use. We touch off the packing process with designate labels including the net weight of the package, the name/variety of the chili and the country of origin.

Our storage parameters for Tanzania green chili begin with pre-cooling and then temporarily keeping the produce in the various processing areas such as the washing bay and packing area. We then store the packed produce at 0 degrees Celsius.   We keep it in a moisture-free environment in a dimly lit room.

The cargo then routes to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam via our refrigerated trucks. Our expeditious process ensures that you will get the dispatch on the same day or a date thereafter after it departs from the airport.

If you are therefore looking forward to wonderfully mild Tanzania green chili, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our sources farm the crop responsibly under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions. This means that the produce will have an exotic aroma and just the right degree of spiciness as it contains no chemical contaminants. Besides, we assure you of the correct tonnage as each time you make a pre-order, we direct as many farmers as possible to grow it for you. The price margin is also very competitive as we align it to your budget. Make an order today!



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