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We provide high-quality Tanzania cardamom to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Tanzania cardamom from family growers in Tanzania.

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Tanzania cardamom (E. cardamom) or Iliki in Swahili is one of the common herbs from the southwest and northeast of the country. Like cumin, it houses the seeds in pods that hang from the stalks in great numbers. The pods are triangular in formation and have an oval shape. These capsules are leathery and lightweight. Their enclosed seeds are black and quite spicy. This is why they garnish meals and soups, a tradition that goes back to their first use in Sri Lanka about 1800 years ago. Tanzania is one of the major regional producers next to Ethiopia.

Cardamom is rich in dietary fiber which represents 112 percent of the daily requirements. This is followed by bone-strengthening magnesium which is 57 percent of the daily needs. The level of calcium, important for maintaining teeth enamel is 38 percent of the daily needs. The level of vitamin B6 stands at 10 percent. Vitamin C, for immunity is present at 35 percent per serving. The margin of protein is 22 percent, important for bodybuilding. Potassium is an essential mineral for blood pressure control and diuretic functions clocks in at 31 percent of the daily requirements. Carbohydrates’ concentration tails off the body’s energy requirements by its 22 percent presence per serving.

We source iliki from Morogolo, a region that many consider the breadbasket of the country. We also have suppliers from Tanga to the north-east and Mbeya to the south-east.  Our Usambara East farmers also grow the crop under sustainable agriculture conditions in the environs of a nature reserve. This lends their produce extra quality. We only deal with sources with less than two acres of land which they tend organically with manure.

Our harvesting process of the green variety of Tanzania cardamom starts by uprooting the plant and shaking off the soil. We then remove the capsules of seeds which we put into gunny bags and hence cart the harvest away.  We repeat the picking timing monthly for the next five months until all mature crops are out of the fields.

We prepare Tanzania cardamom for shipping by inserting the pods or capsules into a soda solution immediately after harvesting.  This ten-minute procedure ensures that the main determinant of quality cardamom-the green color-stays intact. We then wash the produce thoroughly in chlorinated water and then rinse it to a fine a green tinge.

The grading process for cardamom entails the selection of the greenest capsules to represent the premium quality.  Any less appealing pod follows in the next grades while discolored, immature and split ones remain behind.

We pack Tanzania cardamom in gunny bags of at least 25 kilograms. These contain polyethylene linings to ensure that they retain optimum hydration levels. All our bags come with waterproof qualities that make them suitable to use in any weather. We feature produce labels indicating the date of packing, the source of the produce, the net weight and the delivery date.

We store Tanzania cardamom in a cool, dry environment temporarily. We ensure that the capsules have a moisture content of between 8 and 12 percent.  We keep an optimum relative humidity of 72 to 85 percent. We retain the temperature at a basic 5 degrees Celsius throughout the storage and transportation phases.

We transport the cargo on the same date of packing via our produce vans with modified environment interiors. The shipment will usually make it to your destination from the Julius Nyerere International Airport on the same dispatch date or a day thereafter.

To ensure that all the orders you make through us of Tanzania cardamom are of exceptional quality, we source them specifically from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified local farmers. We inspect each cartload of the harvest for residual levels that should be less than 0.01 percent. We also handle the crop under phytosanitary conditions when sorting grades, cleaning and packing it. We maximize on quantity parameters by coercing with as many reliable sources as we can. Our prices are among the lowest among suppliers of family grown herbs. This is why you should make an order today!



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