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We provide high-quality Tanzania mint to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Tanzania mint from family growers in Tanzania.

Tanzania mint (Mentha longifolia) is also known as menthe or mnaanaa in Swahili. It is among the flavoring spices that have stood the test of time. The crop has been in use since the Biblical times as it is mentioned in the Old Testament. It is one plant that enjoys wide habitats, but does best in moistened, fertile soil under cool conditions.  In terms of appearance, the pot plant has dark-green foliage. Depending on the species, the same leaves can be purplish, grayish or bluish. Mint is short stature and barely reaches 20 centimeters in maximum height. Its culinary uses range from flavoring meals to making lemonade drinks. The leaves are available in the form of sprigs or tender branches, whereas others in spear shapes. The menthol compound in mint also makes an essential oil and serves as the main ingredient in perfume.

Mint has origins in the Mediterranean region.  There are also various species that may have originated from Asia. The most common species include spearmint whose botanical name is Mentha spicata.

Using mint either as a food additive or as a drink has various health benefits, some of them medicinal.  The leaves are ground to produce a potion against stomachache and pain in the chest cavity. There is also folk medicine for treating bladder problems from the plant’s extract.

We source Tanzania mint from the herb-growing regions of Morogoro and Mbeya. In these areas, family growers own an average of 0.5 hectares which they maintain with farmyard compost. Our sources also maintain a history of chemical-free cultivation to ensure that the produce has a chemical residual of less than 0.01 percent.

We harvest Tanzania mint when the plant is just about to produce flowers. If all leaves are full size, we cut the whole plant at least an inch above the ground. If some leaves are too small to pick, we harvest only the outer ones and wait for a few weeks to pick the remainder. This is usually in the same season, which means there are sufficient quantities to avail within the order date.

We sort the mint harvest soon after its delivery to the sorting shed. We wash, air-dry and precool the full-sized and blemish-free sprigs. We then put them into bunches made up of 12 to 24 spears. We tie them with strings for final packing.

We pack Tanzania mint in bunches of 12 to 24 leaves in packages of the basic weight capacity of 2.2 kilos. We also have 4.5-kilo packages. Each of the bunches undergoes wrapping in polythene or clamshell bags before its placement in the cartons. We feature produce labels on the cartons inclusive of the country of origin, the net weight, and the condition of the leaves (fresh).

We store Tanzania mint at 5 degrees Celsius in a cool, dry environment temporarily. We also transport the produce via our special delivery vehicles under this controlled temperature. You can expect the produce to reach you on the same day of dispatch or a day afterward depending on the relative distance to your destination.

We are therefore your go-to for all things Tanzania mint. Since we source the produce from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers, you will always get it in fresh quality. In terms of quantity, we make sure that we have sufficient farmers to produce a surplus that will meet your exact requirements. On top of that, our prices are quite competitive as we tailor them to your budget. Make an order today!

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