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We provide high-quality Tanzania cumin to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Tanzania cumin from family growers in Tanzania.

Tanzania cumin (Cuminum cyminum) is a nutrient-laden herb that prefers dry areas. With an origin in the Indian subcontinent and the Middle-east, this plant has some of the highest iron levels at about three-and-a-half times the daily requirements. In appearance, the plant reaches a height of at least 0.3 meters. Its greyish stem supports flowers that are cream or pinkish-colored. The plant has small fruits or pods that are only five millimeters long. Each pod has a single seed inside. The extraction of the spicy seed takes place through sun drying, after which the seed features in meals by sprinkling. In the East African nation, it goes under the Swahili term binzari ya pilau, perhaps due to its use as a spice over pilau rice.

Though it is unknown when the plant came to Tanzania, excavation evidence points to Syria as the place of domestication about 2000 B.C.

With a vitamin A content of 25 percent in every serving, cumin is a good eyesight-enabling herb. It is, however, its iron margin that tips the nutritional balance at more than three times the daily value (368 percent). This not only purifies blood but sharpens the brain’s function and keeps chronic diseases away. Also high is bone structure-supporting magnesium at 91 percent of the daily requirements. The calcium level for bone and teeth health is high at 93 percent per serving. The potassium margin, essential for blood electrolyte and pressure regulation clocks in at 51 percent while dietary fiber has a representation of 44 percent per serving. Vitamin B-6, good for metabolism is present at 20 percent while carbohydrates finish with 14 percent of the daily value.

We source Tanzania cumin from Morogoro in the east, Mbeya in the southwest and Tanga in the north-east of the country. It is common to find several herbs and spices growing together in 0.5-hectare family backyards in these three regions. Our farmers cultivate their crops using farmyard manure as a soil-enrichment agent. They also use traditional means to control pests rather than rely on chemical sprays.

We harvest Tanzania cumin when the pods turn a brownish color. Our workers test the level of maturity by clasping the fruits in their hands. The pods split easily then they are ready for picking. Our expert crew then takes a bunch of five or six stems and cuts them in one sweep. They then put the clustered pods into polythene before delivery to the drying shed. While still in their wrappings, the pods are hang bottom side up in a relatively warm environment. After a few days, they will be dry enough and ready for packing.

We first of all hull and clean the cumin seeds. We do this by passing the pods through a cracking machine and then the resulting seeds in a cleaning machine. The cleaning process takes two passes to ensure 99.9% pure results. All our produce has an oil content of 36 percent, the highest such margin in the international market.

We then pack Tanzania cumin in gunny bags with a net weight capacity of 20 kilograms. Our larger bags come with a capacity for 50 kilograms. There are also flexible packets in the form of sachets of as little as 15 kilos. You are welcome to choose any of the three choices no matter the tonnage you want. We clearly label each package with the details of the name/variety, country of origin and the net weight.

We store Tanzania cumin in a cool, dry environment at 10 degrees Celsius. We expeditiously transport the cargo via our special trucks with modified interiors to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam. This guarantees same-day arrival in your destination.

Indeed, you no longer have to search in vain for this nutritious herb from East Africa as we reliably supply Tanzania cumin. We obtain the produce from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers in the southwestern and northeastern parts of the nation. You can also look forward to sufficient quantity as we ensure that we only make contact with sources with a surplus. Our prices are attractive as we keep them quite affordable. You can therefore start by making an order today!


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