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We provide high-quality Tanzania black pepper to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Tanzania black pepper from family growers in Tanzania.

Tanzania black pepper (Piper nigrum) is the produce of peppercorn pods. These fruit-like chilies have very spicy seeds and are popular seasoning. They are ready to harvest when still immature. The pods either undergo drying to use as processed pepper or are retained in raw, green, undried form to spice meals. Each plant carries around 30 spikes which bear seed. The seeds unlike the name of the plant are white. The name ‘black-pepper’ comes from the pods which turn from green to dark red color which looks like black from far.

The first time black pepper reached areas outside its native Asia dominion was in the Middle Ages when Romans brought it to Europe. It had existed in Asia for centuries past. The African varieties derive from Egypt where mummification with pepper was a common practice around 1200 B.C. The other varieties available in East Africa came courtesy of Vasco da Gama on his route to and fro India.

One of the most popular uses of Tanzania black pepper has been in folk medicine. Many communities around Africa use it to cure bone conditions including arthritis. Related to these is the treatment of joint issues and fever. Nausea relief, migraine eradication, sore throat cure and indigestion treatment are other benefits of peppercorn.

We source Tanzania black pepper from the herb-growing area of Iringa in the south of the country. Our family growers here maintain farm plots of between 1 and 2 acres. They cultivate these under farmyard manure and steer clear of excessive use of chemical sprays.

We hand pick Tanzania black pepper in strict phytosanitary conditions. We have a plant health officer who checks that our tools are decontaminated and our workers are wearing PPE. The team chooses pods that are mature green and a little bloated but firm. They use garden scissors to snap off each pod with a little bit of the stalk attached and put it into the basket.

We begin the processing of Tanzania black pepper by first cleaning the pods in purified hot water before cooling them. We then hull the pods by removing the outer skin which leaves the white drupe with seeds open. This is followed by grinding of the pods to produce a fine powder. We refine it by sieving it in adjusted sieves that cordon off the solid debris from the pepper’s powder.

We collect and pack Tanzania black pepper in polyurethane sachet bags that give the produce protection against temperature changes. For the unprocessed but dried pods with seeds, we use jute bags of various sizes. These consist of polyethylene linings which promote hydration.

We store Tanzania black pepper in the temperature range of 5 to 10 degrees Celsius. We maintain this temperature even during the transportation of the fresh produce cargo on board our hydro-cooled vans. Between the dispatch at Dar-es-Salaam or Arusha by air and touch down at your city, we give 24 to 48 hours.

This is the perfect time to request for one of the subtler varieties of chilies out there, namely Tanzania black pepper. Whether you need it as a seasoning or for preserving other fresh produce, you are assured of Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified quality. Our quantity, on the other hand, exactly matches your own as we only deal with suppliers with a surplus of the produce. To suit your budget, we keep our prices fair and on the lower edge of the current market rates. Make an order today!

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