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We provide high-quality Tanzania Crinum Macowanii to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Tanzania Crinum Macowanii from family growers in Tanzania.

Tanzania crinum Macowanii/ Crinum kirkii or Gitoka in Swahili is a succulent bulb-bearing plant that has origins in southern Africa.  Tanzanians refer to the plant as pajama lily and it is hard to find anyone referring to it as ‘macowanii.’ In appearance, the slim plant comes with large, white flowers in trumpet or bell shape. Their only contrast color other than white is a pinkish midriff.  The sheaths or stems sprout from bulbs that have a maximum width of 25 centimeters.

As medicinal plants, crinum macowanii have a number of uses ranging from fighting viruses to killing microbes. The plants’ extracts from the leaves have also shown potent activity in the promotion of heart health. Folk medicine uses include treating wounds, overcoming skin pimples, healing breathing issues, curing tuberculosis and fighting gastronomic problems like diarrhea. Their other potential lies in giving relief to swelling problems and fever. This is because of the traces of a methanol extract that gives the plants their traditional appeal.

We source Tanzania pajama lily from the coast and the Ngorongoro area that is famous for its big five game. The family growers from this northern part of the country grow the crop under organic conditions, especially via the use of well-rotten cow dung as fertilizer. They steer clear of harmful pesticides to make their produce acceptable in the international markets.

We harvest Tanzania Crinum Macowanii for their bulbs and leaves, both of which parts are medicinal sources. We pick the leaves when they have attained thick, green foliage. We go for the bulbs when the foliage above has yellowed and the flowers have died off. The bulbs at this time measure between 9 and 25 centimeters thick. We shovel them shallowly off the ground and put them in baskets for conveyance to the packing shed.

We sort the pajama lily leaves and bulbs based on strong color, size and healthy appearance. We do away with any plant with browned leaves or misshapen bulbs. We retain the rest for packing which we bunch (for leaves) or keep two per box (bulbs).

We pack Tanzania Crinum Macowanii in the form of bulbs and leaves. The large bulbs come in uniformly sized corms in twos per package. The smallest ones of 6 to 9 centimeters in diameter feature in separate packages from their 25-centimeter wide counterparts.  Our leaves come in bunches of 12 packages per carton, each bunch enclosed in plastic sleeves. These bundles then feature in corrugated cartons for further protection. We stick produce labels inclusive of the packing date, the cultivar, the net weight and the country of origin.

We store Tanzania Crinum Macowanii at the temperature range of 4.5 and 10 degrees Celsius in a cool, dry environment. We convey the cargo to Arusha or Dar-es-Salaam for dispatch via our hydro-cooled vehicles. You can expect the produce to reach your location in the next one to two days based on your destination across the globe.

Thus, if you have a wish for one of the indigenous herbs from the continent where over 150 species are available, then Tanzania Crinum Macowanii is the best selection among these. We source them from family growers who conserve them through Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) mandate. We encourage our farming partners to source for authentic seeds rather than grow wild cultivars to ensure quality. Besides, we keep surplus at each harvest to meet your exact tonnage. We maintain low prices that match your budgetary allocation. This is why you should make an order today!

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