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Tanzania pea-bean (Phaseolus aegypticus) is an essential legume for both subsistence and cash generation. The country exports a million tons of common beans annually to the region and internationally, and some of this tonnage comes from the pea-bean and the related pigeon pea.  This crop is lookalike to sugar snaps, but its pods are inedible. It is also a variety of the common bean only that in its case it produces round seeds and the plant has a climbing vine. In appearance, the small bean is red, white or both colors.

With an origin in Central America, the first documented cultivation of this legume was in England in the 1500s A.D. However; its botanical name came from an Egyptian variety of the kidney bean. Like other bean varieties, it may have come to Tanzania 300 years ago.

The pea bean is lush with nutrients, especially protein. Each serving offers about 5 grams, which represents 10 percent of the daily requirements of this body-building nutrient.  The crop has a dietary fiber margin of 20 percent per serving which promotes digestion. The level of vitamin C from each meal of the legume is 66 percent. Vitamin B-6, which supports metabolism functions of the body, has a 10 percent representation worth of the daily value. The vitamin A margin is available at 15 percent, essential for maintaining good vision.

We source Tanzania pea beans from the northern and Midwestern regions including Mwanza. Our family growers cultivate their crops in small farms of less than two acres through farmyard manure for soil enrichment. They also abstain from the application of chemical sprays to keep the produce acceptable in the international market.

We harvest the pea bean from Tanzania when the pods are mature, and the leaves have begun wilting. Our picking process involves glove-clad workers who either uproot the entire plant or snap each dried pod off the plant. In the latter case, the team carefully lifts the pod and twists it out of the stem while taking care not to spill the seeds.

We immediately dry the Tanzania pea bean harvest as soon as we have finished with the picking. We spread the pods on a flat packing shed made of wire mesh to remove the field saturation.  We shell the peas by hand means, then sort and pack the produce.

We pack Tanzania pea beans when they are still fresh but dry with a moisture content of 12 percent. Our basic produce boxes’ weight measure is 6.8 kilograms or 15 pounds. We also have an intermediate weight capacity of 12 kilograms and the heaviest one of 14 kilograms. We use different but suitable materials including crates, cartons and custom baskets as packing containers. We finalize the process by labeling the produce with such details as its name, its net weight, the country of origin and the packing date.

Our cold storage room keeps the Tanzania pea bean harvest at the quite low temperatures of 0 degrees Celsius. We retain the legumes with an internal moisture level of between 12 and 14 percent to prevent rot and mold formation. We maintain a relative humidity of 85 to 95%.

We convey Tanzania pea beans to the airport at the same temperature range via our special transportation vans with refrigeration on board. It requires 24 to 48 hours for the fresh cargo to reach our destination after dispatching from Dar-es-Salaam.

We are therefore the most fulfilling source of Tanzania pea beans that come from responsible family growers. Our sources maintain their crops under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions. This ensures that it reaches you with less than 0.01 percent of residual levels.  You can decide to get the produce from us in any quantity as our extensive network of farmers offers sufficient supplies throughout the year.  We also affix a price that is among the lowest in the East African produce market. Make an order today!



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