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We provide high-quality Tanzania pearl millet to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Tanzania pearl millet from family growers in Tanzania.

Tanzania pearl millet/bulrush millet (Panicum miliaceum) or mawele in Swahili is the sixth staple after maize, cassava, sorghum, rice and wheat in this East African country. Physically, this is a small millet species. Tanzania produces about 200,000 tons of all types of millet including this cultivar. The farmers in the country prefer the drought-and pest-resistant varieties that do well in areas located lower than 1300-meter altitudes. One of these is Okoa, which has high yields of 2 tons per hectare. The grey-seed type grows fast and is often the primary source of porridge flour in certain areas.

Taking millet as porridge or baked products is leeway to not only energy but minerals. The total calories per serving are 378. Most of these come from the 73 grams or 24 percent of the daily value of carbohydrates in the grain. The dietary fiber margin for proper digestion represents 36 percent of the daily requirements. The mineral department includes iron for anemic control at 16 percent per serving. Vitamin B-6, which promotes adequate metabolism, stands at 20 percent of the daily value. The level of magnesium is 28 percent, a margin substantial enough to boost bone strength.

We source Tanzania pearl millet in the Lake Victoria zone in such areas as Mwanza. We also have central region suppliers, particularly from Dodoma. Our sources usually have less than 2 acres of land that they cultivate under farmyard manure over which they use chemical sprays sparingly.

We harvest Tanzania pearl millet when the plant has attained at least 45 or 60 days from the planting date. This can go to 180 days for the longer maturing varieties. We go for plants that have reached about 1 meter high. Our workers prop the chaffs with sickles before applying cutters on the stalks. Each of the cut chaffs features in the collecting basket and then goes to the curing shed for sun-drying.

Our post-curing stage of preparing Tanzania pearl millet for the market is threshing. This involves rolling pins over the chaffs between clean mats. The act separates the chaff from the grain. The winnowing stage follows threshing. Here we blow the grains in a high air pressure environment to clean out all remaining impurities.

We then pack the clean Tanzania pearl millet in gunny bags that weigh 50 kilograms at full capacity. Our alternative eco-friendly bags are woven. They require no extra reinforcements as they are strong and have internal aeration capabilities. All our other bags feature interior linings made of film or polythene for modifying the product. We finalize the packing process with the appropriate labels include the packing date, the package size and the country of origin.

We store Tanzania pearl millet in the temperature between 5 degrees and 25 degrees Celsius. We keep the produce inside their travel gunny bags in a cool, dry environment away from moisture.

We transport the cargo on the same day to the airport in Arusha or Dar-es-Salaam, whichever suits the shipment. All our vehicles come with insulated interiors that prevent the formation of mold or rot during the transportation phase.  You can expect the produce to make it to your destination in a day or two after dispatching by air or a little longer by sea.

We are therefore your first choice for all things Tanzania pearl millet. We selectively curate the produce from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers to ensure fresh quality. Our quantity parameters also meet yours in that we maintain constant supplies year-round from both rain-fed and irrigated farms. On the question of pricing, we keep our produce quite lowly priced to mirror your budgetary requirements. Make an order today!

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