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Tanzania grapes or zabibu in Swahili come from the Dodoma area where both large- and small-scale farming of the crop for wine processing is present. The country mainly cultivates the Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon variations of the table and wine grape varieties. In appearance, the fruits are bluish-purple, succulent berries that develop in clusters.

With a history going back to between 8000 and 6000 years ago in present-day Iran, grapes are some of the most celebrated fruits. In ancient times, they were the chief sources of winemaking. Around 4000 B.C., there were distillation points in the south-eastern parts of Europe, particularly modern-day Republic of Georgia. The fruit then dispersed into Africa through Egypt, where some of the very first continental presses were situated. The crop first came to Tanzania in 1960 courtesy of missionaries who grew it in Bihawana, Dodoma.

The health benefits of grapes include the treatment of a headache, the lowering of blood pressure and the cure for asthma. Raw fruits provide about 6 percent of the daily value of vitamin C. They also enhance metabolism courtesy of 5 percent of vitamin B-6. The value of vitamin A is 2 percent. That of calcium stands at 1 percent while the iron margin goes to 1 percent.  The magnesium level is 1 percent while that of dietary fiber stands at 3 percent of the daily value.  The fruit has blood pressure-regulating potassium at 3 percent of the daily needs.

Tanzania grapes include three broad types. The first are table grapes that are of black, red or white colors. They are mostly free of seeds, which makes them quite tasty. The other varieties include wine grapes and raisin grapes. Commercial names for them include Syrah and Chenin Blanc, among others.

We source Tanzania grapes from the cooler regions of Makutupora in Dodoma. Here, our family growers own at least 0.5 hectares of land. They even grow a local variation of the fruit that possesses the place name, Makutupora. Our sources maintain their farms with compost manure and keep it free of chemical sprays.  They also form cooperative societies that assist them to acquire Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates.

We harvest Tanzania grapes in a closely-knit circle of workers. For every plant, there are two hands, one of which users pruners to cut a cluster of the fruits with a small piece of the stem intact, whereas his helper puts it in a basket. The workers then keep the produce in fresh, clean boxes in the shade.

Before packing them, we transfer Tanzania grapes to the sorting shed. Here, the experienced team trims the berries off the bunch by the use of small pruning scissors. They then pass the fruits through pressured clean water for washing.

We pack Tanzania grapes in lugs and cartons that come with soft sponges at the base to reduce friction during transportation. We also have plastic containers that measure 0.6 by 0.4 by 0.25 meters cubic. These come with film linings in their interior walls for the fresh preservation of the produce. We finish the process by attaching produce labels to the consignments in terms of name/cultivar, net weight and the country of origin.

We store Tanzania grapes at very low temperatures of between -32 to 0 degrees Celsius. We maintain this base temperature throughout the transportation phase to the Julius Nyerere International Airport via our refrigerated trucks. The cargo usually reaches you in one or two days after dispatch.

We are therefore seeking to partner with you in enhancing the value chain of Tanzania grapes by acting as the main supplier. As we source our fruits from farmers who practice responsible cultivation habits, you have the assurance of only obtaining fresh quality with low residual levels. We also strive to meet your tonnage requirements by preparing the orchards in time through our partner family growers. Our prices are quite reasonable as we tailor them to your budget. Make an order today!

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