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Tanzania blackberries are a relative of the raspberry only that instead of being red it is bluish-black. It is also distinct from other berries in that during its harvest, the stalk remains attached to the fruit whereas in its relatives the stalk comes off and leaves a gaping hollow button on the fruit. In appearance, the fruit consists of a cluster of thick, rounded and soft-looking black fruitlets when ripe. In the various stages of maturity, the fruit may start green, turn bright red and then black.  It shoots from a tree that reaches between 3 and 6 meters. In East Africa, including Tanzania, certain species like Pajaro are fast developing and yield impressively.

Blackberries are highly nutritious. Every serving of the fruit provides the body with 35 percent of the daily value of vitamin C. The dietary fiber margin stands at 20 percent of the daily value for proper digestion.  The volume of magnesium which is essential for strong bone structure comes at 5 percent of the daily requirements. The teeth enamel-strengthening calcium represents 2 percent of the daily nutritional needs of the mineral. Iron, for transportation of the oxygen part of blood comes at 3 percent of the daily requirements. The fat portion is 0 percent but the level of starch is 3 percent in the fruit.

We source our Tanzania blackberries from family growers in Arusha and Moshi who own less than two acres of land. They maintain their fields by natural means such as the use of farmyard manure, with little or no application of chemical sprays. This makes the fruits that we deliver to the market of exceptional quality.

We harvest Tanzania blackberries two times in every week to maximize on the different maturity dates of fruits on the same tree. Our trained workers wear garden gloves for protection against the prickly stems.  We usually expect a yield of up to 27 kilograms from each of our most versatile plants. Our farmhands selectively choose mature berries that have turned red and are just on the verge of black. This gives them a grace period of a day to ripen as we ship them on the same date of harvesting.

We sort the blackberries and remove any overripe ones. We also do away with wet berries as these may be immune to getting mold along the way.  We retain uniform-sized, crystal clean and blemish-free fruits. These are suitable for raw eating or for making blackberry juice, whichever your preference.

We pack Tanzania blackberries in single pint or two-pint plastic clamshell packets that have ample ventilation. We also have single-quart clamshells with similar vents on the other containers. We place about one dozen units of these packages in a carton for secure handling.  We then attach produce labels on the boxes, inclusive of the name and variety of the produce, the net weight and the country of origin.

We store Tanzania blackberries in the temperature range of -1 and 0 degrees Celsius. We keep them well saturated at 90 to 95 percent humidity levels. We also dedicate this same temperature range to our transportation vans that come fitted with refrigeration equipment. You can expect to receive your cargo upon dispatch by air from Dar-es-Salaam in a day or two.

We are therefore your go-to for all supplies of Tanzania blackberries right from the farms of family growers. Our farmers cultivate the crop under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications. Because we have a consortium of reliable sources, we can supply in different seasons and meet your specific quantity. Furthermore, we keep our prices among the lowest in the East African market. Make an order today!

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