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Arguably the most popular leafy green, Sukuma wiki or Tanzania coleworts (Brassica oleracea L.), is one of the essential vegetables for salad-making. Its popular English name in the whole of East Africa is ‘kale,’ and it is uncommon to hear the term ‘colewort’ anywhere. Its legendary use next to ugali and wali (rice) has made it a staple in the regional diet. Its glory is twofold: it easily grows in the backyard, needing little more than water and fertilizer. Secondly, it is laden with vitamins and minerals. Its vitamin C content is among the highest in all vegetables at two times the daily needs. In appearance, it sidesteps the head formation of the brassica family but instead has separate leaves on a 1-meter tall, hardy stalk. A hardy crop with strong, fleshy leaves, it comes from the south of the country.

The origin of colewort is the southern Mediterranean and Greece at unknown dates. Its cousin is the wild cabbage or Abyssinian kale that grew first in the Ethiopian highlands about 6000 years ago. For long, the ground seeds from old plants have served as a stomach tonic.

Consuming colewort is a gateway to immunity against diseases as the leafy green has vitamin C content of 200 percent per serving. The next abundant nutrient is teeth enamel-strengthening calcium at 15 percent of the daily recommendation. Per serving, the potassium content for the control of blood pressure is substantial at 14 percent. The kale also prevents chronic diseases and sharpens brain function, courtesy of the 8 percent worth of the daily needs of iron. The vitamin B-6 value, for proper metabolism, is 15 percent per serving while that of bone-nourishing magnesium is 11 percent.

We source our Tanzania colewort from family growers in various parts of the country, especially the Iringa region in the south. We only consort with farmers who have less than 2 acres under which they grow their crop.  Our sources also maintain their fields under farmyard manure with little or no application of chemical sprays.

We harvest Tanzania colewort when they have a mature green color. We begin with the outer leaves before we go into the inner shoots. We use garden scissors to slash off the stalks with the leaves intact. We repeat the hand-picking process at the intervals of seven days to give the immature shoots time to be ready. We then sort the produce regarding leaf length of at least six inches or the length of a hand. We cull any diseased or discolored leaves for discarding.

We pack Tanzania colewort in wooden crates or cardboard cartons. Each package consists of the basic 9 kilograms of the produce. This contains about 12 bunches of the leaves. We also have 12-kilo packages that have 24 bunches, apiece. We line the interior of every carton or crate with polythene/film to keep it hydrated during the transit journey. We finalize the process by the placement of top ice that is equal to 1 kilogram for every 2 kilograms of the leaves. We indicate the date of packing, the country of origin, the net weight and the destination on each carton’s produce label.

We store Tanzania colewort in a cool, dry environment at 0 to 5 degrees Celsius before shipping. Our saturation levels keep at 90 percent relative humidity. This climatic combination gives the fresh produce a lease of 7 days unspoiled. If you would like seeds instead, you will also get them in a perfect condition as we store them in vacuum-sealed tins that keep off the air.

We transport the produce at the same temperature of no more than 5 degrees Celsius via our modified environment vehicles to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam. You can expect the package to make it to your destination in the space of a day after dispatch.

Whether you are in the Middle-east, North America, the Far-east, Australia or Europe, you are assured of getting a representative volume of Tanzania colewort. We source our produce from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified parts of the Tanzanian mainland. Our family growers produce the crop year-round, which guarantees sufficient supplies that match up to your requirements. We also provide pricing terms that completely align with your needs. Make an order today!

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