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Rich in healthy fat at 23 percent of the daily value, Tanzania avocados (Persea Americana)or para chichi in Swahili, are one ticket to health that grow lushly in the country’s north and south. For a long time, some growers in the Kilimanjaro region considered the fruit less important and often threw away the surplus to their cattle. This has changed in recent years, as the export boom has made it a golden fruit that smallholders in this area along the Kenya-Tanzania border keenly cultivate.  It is both a culinary treat in the form of guacamole as it is a vegetable oil-producing pear.

The avocado may have a native home in the southern parts of Mexico. The ancient civilizations may have domesticated it long before the arrival of conquistadors who brought it to Europe. In America, the fruit was early known under the unflattering name ‘alligator pear.’

Eating avocado is one way to ensure you against indigestion: the fruit has 28 percent of the daily value of dietary fiber. Its protection against diseases like cancer, heart arrest and skin problems come from its 16 % of the daily value of vitamin C. The fruit also promotes life’s processes like metabolism due to its 15 percent of vitamin B-6’s daily needs. The level of magnesium stands at 7 percent while that of iron is 3 percent. Vitamin A tails off with 2 percent of the daily requirements. The margin of potassium for the maintenance of the blood electrolytes’ balance is 13 percent of the daily requirements.

We source our Tanzania avocados from Siha in the Kilimanjaro area to the north of the country. We also have sources in Njombe district in the southern highlands of the country near Iringa. Our family growers look after their trees in their two-acre lands via organic means. They forgo chemical sprays to reduce residual levels and instead use intercropping methods to eradicate pests. They enrich the soil with mulch from fallen vegetation and farmyard manure.

We harvest Tanzania avocados when they are just past their maturity date but not yet ripe. We use expert advice to know when to pick the fruits. We know that when picked too immature, they may not ripen with the right aroma. We use such factors as the color of the skin, which should be pale green for Fuerte and greenish purple for hass. We also ensure that the dry matter percentage in hass has reached 23.5 percent of its weight, based on firmness. Upon verification that the fruits we are picking are firm, sizable and of the right color, we use long catcher poles to twist them off the far-to-reach branches. We keep each of these in a basket while still with a few inches of its stalk at its button end.

We pack Tanzania avocados in single-layered trays of at least 5.67 kilograms. Our double-layered lugs with protective material between them reach a net weight of 11.34 kilograms. We also have bulk boxes of the same weight of 11.34 kilograms that we fill by weight or count. Our other means of packing include flat cartons or flat boxes. We touch off the packing stage by the inclusion of the label with the number of fruits, the net weight, the date of packing and the country of origin, next to our company logo.

We store Tanzania avocado under slightly cool conditions that are meant to keep the fruits firm. We go for between 6 and 7.5 degrees Celsius at 85 to 95 percent relative humidity. We transport the fruits on the same day of packing to the Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar-es-Salaam via our refrigerated trucks. Between the departure and arrival at your destination, we give a day or two.

In short, you now have a ready partner to serve you with all your needs of Tanzania avocado. When you request for the fruit from us, you get it right from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers from the heart of the East African nation. All our sources grow them under proper conditions in less than two acres of land for easy management. As we have thousands of contracted farmers, we provide flexible tonnage and meet all your quantity requirements. We also make our prices a cut above the rest by being affordable. Make an order today!

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