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Tanzania custard apples are one of the most important fruits from the heart of East Africa that also go under the slang term, Pride of Africa. It constitutes at least three common species, collectively under the term ‘custard apple’ or ‘matopetope’ in Swahili.

The country has at least three related species. These include the African custard apple (Annona senegalensis), the main custard apple (Annona reticulata) and the soursop (Annona squamosa). The latter has a similar look to Annona muricata, which is also known as soursop.

Our Tanzania custard apple or A. reticulata species thrives on the lowlands of the coastal region. It is a common herbal medicine source for the local communities. Despite its sweet taste, it has lesser appeal in comparison to its Annona family cousins, which are tastier. It, however, looks firmly deep red when it ripens on the tree and its fruit’s exterior is smoother than that of its relations. Its parent is a small shrub with partially evergreen foliage.

The sugar apple/soursop or A. squamosa species also grow along the coastline of the country. In Swahili, it goes under the term matopetope. It thrives well in the area as it has origins in both Central African lowlands similar to those in Tanzania.  When split open, the prickly skinned fruit bears yellowish pulp and emits an inviting scent.

The African custard apple from Tanzania or A. senegalensis is one of the traditional sources of folk medicine in the Eastern African region. It grows on the lowlands of the coast. Its distinct physical characteristic is a partially divided fruit in an egg’s shape.  The misshapen berry grows green but turns a bright yellow or orange color once it ripens. It is also among the taller trees in its family as it can reach 6 meters high on average and 11 meters under optimal conditions.

We source Tanzania custard apple from family growers with less than two acres of land. They come from the coastal belt of the country. The farmers maintain their orchards through farmyard manure and minimize any contact with chemical sprays.

We harvest Tanzania custard apples during the early morning hours before the onset of the sun. We check for the alteration of color from deep green to a lighter shade of green. Our glove-clad workers handpick the fruits with the aid of pruners to cut off the berries. They then put the fruits into baskets before stepping into the next row.  One tree can provide at least four or five intermittent pickings at a time. After the harvest, we take the fruits to the packing shed under the protection of foam to keep off friction.

We pack Tanzania custard apple in cartons with polyvinyl film linings. The packages usually undergo pre-cooling at 10 degrees Celsius. This care keeps the fruits fresh right to their destinations. We also wrap the produce in polyethylene-lined bags before insertion into larger boxes for enhanced safety. The moisture-retaining bags prevent the shrinking of the fruits which might lead to the loss of weight. We finish off with produce labels that indicate the source, the name of the cultivar, net weight and the destination.

We store Tanzania custard apples at the temperature of below 10 degrees Celsius. Though, you can keep the fruits below room temperature and they will still have a week-long shelf life. We usually convey them to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam via our refrigerated vehicles for expeditious delivery to your destination on the same day of packing.

In short, if you would like to avail a family of fruits with distinctive health benefits, then you need to sample our Tanzania custard apple. The fruits come from family growers who cultivate them under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) terms. We provide the produce in your exact quantity as we source them from diverse farmers.  We also provide the cargo at competitive prices that we adjust to the current market rates. Make an order today!

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