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Tanzania apples (Malus pumila) are some of the most popular and premium fruits that grow exotically in the cool south of the country. It goes under the Swahili name tofaha and it is usually either red or green. It comes from the apple tree which is the signature plant in the Malus genus as it easily adapts to most parts of the globe. The plant is relatively small for it reaches the height of 1.8 meters but can go up to 4.6 meters high.  The origin of the fruit may have been the central parts of Asia. The oldest cultivars spread from Turkey thousands of years gone.

There are about seven thousand and five hundred varieties of apples. The most common in Tanzania include Granny Smith which is the green type as well as Alice and Ambrosia, both red-tinted.

Eating an apple not only nourishes the skin (especially the green type) but cures kidney stones, reduces constipation, treats diabetes and gives relief to anemia/heart conditions. This is courtesy of such nutrients as vitamin C at 7 percent of the daily value, magnesium at 1 percent and vitamin A at 1 percent. The dietary fiber level is 9 percent per serving which keeps away indigestion. The fruit has no sodium or fat content but harbors potassium at 3 percent of the daily needs. The sugar content is relatively normal for a fruit at 10 grams per 100 grams.

We source Tanzania apples from the cooler areas of the south of the country as well as Moshi region. They come from family growers who look after them in tracts of land of less than two acres. We also train the farmers on responsible agriculture through field visits by our produce agents. The agents guide them on all aspects from growing right to the supply chain management bit.

We harvest Tanzania apples when they have attained a slight change in color from green to faint red and have a plump but firm appearance. We ensure that we carefully check each fruit as diverse cultivars have different maturity dates. We use pruners to cut each fruit from the tree while preserving a centimeter of the stem attached to the button. As we do our harvesting at dawn, we only need to keep the harvest in baskets for transportation to the packing shed before the sun heats up.

We sort Tanzania apples by color, quality and grade. The green types go to a different sorting area from the red ones. We then remove any pieces with misshapen appearance or any sign of disease. Our first grade is Extra Fancy: it consists of apples of a single variety with uniform sizes and blemish-free skin. Fancy and No.1 grades follow: these have similar qualities only that they are relatively less attractive than Extra Fancy and are often mixed .in terms of varieties. In such a case we indicate on the produce label about the cultivars.

We pack our Tanzania apples in 1-bushel cartons that can have different weights based on the cultivar. Our packages come in basic 18-kilo cartons or fiberboard trays that house about 8 bags of the fruit, each weighing 2.3 kilograms. We also have smaller packages of 16 kilos. These cartons contain 12 bags of the fruits with a weight of 1.3 kilos apiece.  We also use PETE or cello bags that weigh as little as 1.3 kilos and as high as 4.5 kilos. Our bulk packing alternative is a tote bin with a capacity for either 136 or 272 kilograms, filled with many bags of apples. All our cartons and trays come with ample ventilation holes for aeration.

We store Tanzania apples at zero degrees Celsius. We transport them in our modified environment interior vehicles to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam on the same day of the harvest. You can expect the cargo to make it to your destination within a day or two of dispatch.

Therefore, if you are seeking for one of the beloved fruits across the globe, you might as well settle for Tanzania apples from a tropical climate. All our sources grow them under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions. They keep them free of chemical sprays and maintain them under farmyard manure. On our part, we round up sufficient quantity for the fruit during the early parts of a contract to ensure that they will always be available. You also get a guarantee of affordable prices. Make an order today!

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