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We provide high-quality Tanzania sugarcane to the local and export markets. We source the fresh raw cut Tanzania sugarcane from family growers in the country.

Tanzania sugarcane (Saccharum) is a sweet-tasting partitioned stick that has tasty, tough rinds with juicy content.  It is the primary source of processed sugar though it is common to find locals munching the raw canes away in the streets. The country had massive sugar production capacity during the first two decades of post-independence days with 130000 tons produced yearly. Though the capacity has since gone down, the major producing areas like Kilimanjaro, Kagera and Morogolo have benefited from modern processing facilities. Most of the production of the commodity is for local use, but some surplus goes to regional and international markets. The country also exports raw canes.

The first point in the world where sugarcane grew was in south-east Asia, with evidence pointing to India. Domestication may have happened around 6000 B.C., in Papua New Guinea.

We source our Tanzania sugarcane from the trio of areas famous for its production. These include Morogolo/Kilombero, Kilimanjaro and Kagera. We forgo large plantations in favor of small ones with less than 2 acres of land. We also opt for those who use farmyard manure instead of commercial fertilizers. Our farmers do not spray their crops with harmful pesticides to keep the residual levels of the cane lower than 0.01 percent.

We harvest Tanzania sugarcane through hand means. We choose mature canes by preliminary investigation of the fields which our workers prepare by removing the canes’ outer foliage and slashing down the surrounding weeds. We cut the stems at the base using machetes, which locals call upanga in singular form.  The blades usually are sharp enough to fell a cluster of the canes in a single cut. The little stem stumps that we leave on the ground promote new growth some weeks afterward.

We then slash the canes from their 10-feet lengths into short pieces for packing ease. We then wash the stems carefully in clean water. We defoliate or remove any left out leaves on the stems at this given point in time.

We pack Tanzania sugarcane in our produce cartons that we line with polypropylene for moisture retention. We have packs with capacities for 10 or 20 kilos of the cut pieces. Each package usually harbors around five sticks. Our other flexible parcels may have your desired number of stems and the respective weight parameters. We amiably conclude the packing process with the stem count, the net weight, country of origin as well as the packing date.

We store Tanzania sugarcane in a well aerated, dimly-lit, cool, dry environment.  Due to the cut sections of the sticks, we use film wrappings in each cane to prevent contamination during storage in the travel cartons. This careful encasing also prevents discoloration and moisture loss.

We transport the canes via our hydro-cooled trucks to the Julius Nyerere International, Dar-es-Salaam or Kilimanjaro International, Arusha. This means you can avail the produce 24 to 48 hours after dispatch with the cargo still in a fresh condition.

In other words, nothing beats the canes from select areas of Kagera and Morogolo regarding sucrose content, and this is why you should avail our Tanzania sugarcane. We selectively pack the canes in automated packing systems to reduce contamination. This maintains the quality nature of the stems which grow under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions. We keep our supplies in surplus to ensure that you meet your delivery at the right quantity. We seal the deal with very pocket-friendly prices. Make an order today!

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