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We provide high-quality Tanzania grape juice to the local and export markets. We source the raw materials for processing Tanzania grape juice from family growers in the country.

Tanzania grape juice is one of the two most important products of raw grapes, the other being the wine.  The juice is available in red and white colors depending on the variety of the fruit. The main cultivars in the East African country include Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and a local type known as Makutupora. The fruits grow in the cool regions of Dodoma.

Taking a glass of grape juice daily is leeway to heart health due to the zero levels of fat. This means that the juice contains no amount of cholesterol. The dietary fiber margin is about 3 percent of the daily requirements. This indicates proper digestion.

We source raw fruits from the area surrounding Dodoma, the country’s primary growing zone. Here, family growers own between 0.5 and 1 hectare of land. They tend after their orchards with cow dung manure as well as mulch from fallen tree branches. Furthermore, the farmers minimize contamination by sparing the use of farm sprays.

We pick the clusters of grapes by the old and preferential manual method. Our workers wait until the berries have attained a rich, waxy tint of purple at the height of their ripeness. They select each berry by hand and then place it carefully in the basket where its cluster members join it. The team reserves stalk for handling purposes.

We start the processing of Tanzania grape juice with the removal of the stalks from the fruits. Despite being a nutritious part, the stems contain about 2% of tannin. This is a bitter compound that is toxic and often features in the making of tar products, besides being a diabetes cure. We only do away with the stems to extract any sign of sourness from the juice.

Before cold-pressing Tanzania grape juice, we first of all pound the clean fruits into small pieces.  We then insert the pieces into an extractor that uses screws to crush the fruit particles. As it rotates, the screw squeezes out the juice which drips into a beaker underneath. We then collect the crude juice after several takes at the press. This is usually the pure, unblended white juice.

We also use a warm press to produce the red-colored blended Tanzania grape juice. The first step is the crushing of the fruits. Their paste then passes into a heating agent at 60 degrees Celsius. This then moves from here to the next stage of squeezing under a warm press. Combined with the heating phase, the production process lasts for about 15 minutes. The use of heat is to allow the melanin or the red pigment of the skin to bond completely with the juice. This gives it the blood-red color that it eventually possesses.

We clarify Tanzania grape juice optionally especially for the red-colored type to remove impurities.  We usually heat it at 80 degrees Celsius. This is followed by a cooling bout that lets the juice to settle.

We pack Tanzania grape juice in PET bottles and aromatherapy grade glass jars. We offer various measures ranging from 250 ml to 1 liter. All the bottles feature in a secure carton for safe handling. Besides, each bottle comes with a vacuum sealing that enhances the freshness of the juice. We finalize the process by attaching the appropriate labels of the packing date, the expiry date, and the 100 percent natural ingredients.

We store the packed product at temperatures of below 5 degrees Celsius. This gives the content a freshness index of about one year.

We transport the grape juice from Tanzania in our designate vehicles with modified environment interiors. You can expect the dispatch to arrival at your destination from Dar-es-Salaam a day or two after the departure date.

Therefore, if you are after one of the most wine-like fruit juices, then it is a recommendation to go for Tanzania grape juice. We only source the fruits from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified parts of the country. We process the juice under phytosanitary conditions in our ISO-certified plants. While at it, we ensure there is lush quantity by directing our sources to grow surplus. On top of that, our prices are custom and affordable. Make an order today!

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