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We provide high-quality Tanzania cottonseed oil to the local and export markets. We source the raw materials for processing Tanzania cottonseed oil from family growers in the country.

Tanzania cottonseed oil is the main product of the flax part of cotton after the removal of the all-important yarn-making fibers. With arguably the highest bale output in Eastern Africa of 368,000 units per year, the country has a thriving cotton industry.  Most of the cotton growers own an average of 1.5 hectares. Many operate 0.5 hectares at the minimum and 10 hectares at the maximum.

Though from a yarn-making plant, cottonseed oil is highly nutritious. Its protein level clocks at around 66 percent of the daily needs. Magnesium supplies 110 percent of the daily requirements, essential for healthy bones. The 50-percent saturated fat content is also robust because it is one of the most digestible fats from a vegetable source. With high potassium content and low cholesterol besides the absorbable fat element, this is an excellent remedy for weight loss.

We source the raw flax for making Tanzania cottonseed oil from the Lake Zone and Tanga. The lake districts include Mwanza, Shinyanga, Simiyu, and Geita. Though most of the produce goes unprocessed for fiber production in India and Europe, there are still processing plants available.

We only contract family growers with less than 2 acres to grow the crop. They also improve the quality of the edible oil by minimizing the use of chemical sprays. Indeed, the closest soil enrichment they use is organic manure which they obtain from their livestock.

We harvest cotton seed at the same time as cotton fiber. After using sickles to lift the seed heads, our workers use headers to cut the stalk and leave the bolls behind. At the ginnery, rollers separate the fiber from the seeds. We collect the seeds as left-overs even as the fibers go to their next processing point.

We process Tanzania cottonseed oil after washing them thoroughly in purified water. We also minutely remove debris, stray fibers, and stalks. We follow up by grading the healthiest seeds from the deformed ones. Our best grade usually contains less than 0.01 percent of impurity levels.

Our next stage in Tanzania cottonseed oil extraction is crushing. Our roller machines pound the seeds into uniform sizes. The reason is to help adjust the processing screws to the same calibration for all for similar results. Indeed, the one-size-fits-all criterion is so important that we ensure that no particle is over half-a-millimeter thick. Our workers take pains to carve each of these minutely to the same dimensions. After this hard work, we are assured of 100 percent oil yield.

We then cook the particles at single or double layers in roasting pans at 95 to 100 degrees Celsius. The one-hour roasting procedure helps to lower the moisture levels to less 14%.

We then use a cold press to extract Tanzania cottonseed oil. The set up contains a rotating screw that pounds as well as squeezes the vital liquid from the particles during each revolution. The crude, viscous fluid flows into a collecting beaker on its way to the filter. We filter the 1% impurities’ proportion, usually made up of gossypol, a poisonous chemical that keeps the plant free of pests during its growing stage. We then take the oil from the seed which ranges between 15 to 25% of the total dry matter of the seed.

We use plastic jerry cans and drums to pack Tanzania cottonseed oil.  We also have PET bottles and tins with a capacity for 1 to 1.5 liters. The jerry cans come with net measures of 3 to 5 liters of the product.  We secure the cargo in custom carton boxes that keep it clear of sunlight.  Besides, each carton has a film-lined pouch that stores the bottles. We insert product labels on each package before shipment.

We store Tanzania cottonseed oil in vacuum-sealed containers during its temporary upkeep in our cold rooms. We maintain temperatures of more than 5 degrees and less than 25 degrees Celsius.

Our vehicles come with a temperature adjustment that does not increase or reduce by 14 degrees Celsius. This helps to arrest the rise in oil volume by 1 percent due to melting. Our delivery from the Arusha or Dar-es-Salaam airports reaches you in a day or two after dispatch.

In short, if you are after one of the by-products of cotton from this East African nation, then our Tanzania cottonseed oil will be a perfect choice. We obtain the supplies from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family sources. This ensures fresh quality with no chemical residue. Our oil also comes in your designate quantity as our farmers grow cotton in surplus. On top of that, we offer very affordable prices. Make an order today!

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