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We provide high-quality Tanzania avocado oil to the local and export markets. We source the raw materials for processing Tanzania avocado oil from family growers in the country.

Tanzania avocado oil is the product of the Persea Americana fruit, with its lush skin-improving oleic acid and highly nutritious fatty pulp. The farmers of the fruit grow various cultivars including Guatemalan, Hass, Fuerte and local. The primary sources in Tanzania are the southern and northern highlands. Though most of the fruits are exported in table form, the oil extraction industry is also blooming.  Local factories operate hydraulic cold presses and solvent extraction presses.

Every avocado has 30 percent concentration of oil worth of its dry matter. The seed has negligible oil deposits of less than 2 percent. The skin, on the other hand, has at most 7 percent of the oil. There is also oleic acid, an extra-nutrient that controls of heart ailments. The fruit also helps to treat arthritis and gum conditions. Its high vitamin B-6 margin is beneficial in the body’s metabolism processes.

We source Tanzania avocados for making oil from Siha in the vicinity of Kilimanjaro. We also comb for supplies from the coldest region of the country, namely Njombe. Our growers of Hass, Fuerte, and local varieties’ growers cultivate the fruits on 0.5 hectares of land. They keep the final residual levels low through the minimal use of chemical sprays.

We harvest Tanzania avocados for oil production in a safe procedure. Each of our farmhands uses a long pole with attached basket and cutlery to pluck the far-to-reach fruits. Every ‘alligator pears’ then joins its fellows in the basket. From here our crew carts the basketfuls away to the packing shed and hence to the processing plant.

We process Tanzania avocados through any of two methods: solvent extraction or cold pressing systems. With solvent extraction, we first pre-dry the fruits. The essence is to remove as much as 65 percent of the water content from the pulp. We then peel the fruit with sterilized knives.  The pitting of the stone with forceps without hampering the pulp follows suit. We then pound the pulp into a thick mash before air-drying it with a little hexane solvent additive.

The hexane solvent helps to clarify the crude Tanzania avocado oil. After filtration occurs, the now solvent-and impurity-free brown liquid flows out into a beaker. The oil goes through a de-acidification phase where we remove the remaining fatty acids.  We usually expect a 95% total oil yield through the hexane solvent processing.

Alternatively, we use a cold press to process extra-virgin avocado oil. We start with the pre-drying phase which is followed by the pounding of the pulp into a mash. Malaxing comes after this where we heat the paste for 60 minutes at 45 degrees Celsius. This temperature may seem too high for a cold press, but it is neutralized by the high smoking point of the avocado oil.

The malaxed paste of Tanzania avocado oil then seeps through a hydraulic system which again heats it to separate oil from water. The lighter oil settles on the top of the distiller and is then ready for packing. The water goes into recycling for other uses.

We pack Tanzania avocado oil in PET bottles or plastic bottles with brown-tinged transparent surfaces that ward off light. We provide 500 ml basic net measures. Our larger drums provide 5 to 20 liters net weight packages. We attach clear labels to each of our consignments including the 100 percent natural ingredients, the processing method (hexane solvent or hydraulic cold press) and the expiry date.

We store the processed Tanzania avocado oil at the temperature of below 5 degrees Celsius whereby it is not exposed to direct direct sunlight  but rather dry, cool conditions . Our cargo reaches the airport via vehicles fitted with refrigeration equipment. Our dispatch from Dar-es-Salaam or Arusha airports touches down at your location in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Therefore, if you are after one of the prime sources of nutrition in the edible oil niche, then you might prioritize our Tanzania avocado oil. We source the produce from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers. Our sources harvest surplus in a season to enable the production of the oil in your specified quantity. You are also assured of very competitive prices. Make an order today!

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