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We provide high-quality Tanzania corn oil to the local and export markets. We source the raw material for producing Tanzania corn oil from family growers in the country.

Tanzania corn oil is the product of the number one grain staple in the East African country and the region. The cereal occupies 45 percent of all farmed land in Tanzania. The nation is often in the rankings of the most significant 25 world producers with production levels that fluctuate around 4.7 million tons. Maize first came to the island of Pemba in the 1500s. By the end of the 1600s, the mainland and other parts of the country had also benefited from propagating what would become the leading food crop. Oil production is usually through the hexane solvent method.

The main contents of maize oil that make it one of the healthiest food security crops are the triglycerides. These lipids constitute 95% of the recommended levels and are suitable for maintaining heart health and fighting diabetes. There are also fatty acids that complement the lipids’ nutritional role.

We source the raw material for making Tanzania corn oil from the maize fields of Mbeya in the south, Morogolo in the east and the islands of the Indian Ocean, among other places. We only deal with family growers who use organic manure and ensure low chemical application.

We harvest the maize or corn at different times of the year based on the variety. In all cases, we wait until the stalks and ears had yellowed and dried out. By then the moisture levels are slightly above 17 percent. Our team plucks out the cobs with their attaching stems gently. They then take the harvest to the threshing point for the removal of the seeds from the cobs. After a few days of drying, we transport the grains to our ISO-certified processing plant.

We initialize the processing of Tanzania corn oil by first cleaning the grains. We remove the pollen, stray leaves, broken cob pieces, sand, and any other debris. We repeat the process three times before the processing part can begin.

We then boil the cleaned grains in huge tanks at 50 degrees Celsius for the next 30 to 40 hours. This process is called steeping, and its essence is to soften the seeds. Once they come out of the tank, they appear bloated. This makes it easy to expose the various parts of the seed after we have crushed it into particles. The germinating part of the maize or germ is now completely separate from the other parts. We then pour the content onto the separation machine whereby the starch-containing germ floats away from the more substantial parts of the grain.

We then get into the most crucial two-part stage of processing Tanzania corn oil. The first procedure is that of milling starch from the germinating part. This is usually an easy step: it involves merely washing the germs where the starch freely comes out for collection.  The next procedure is that of the extraction of the now starch-free germ.  The first pass of cold pressing squeezes about 50 to 60% of the oil from the wet germs. The next more intensive pass through the use of hexane solvent removes the remaining oil such that 99 percent of all germ oil will be out.

Our Tanzania maize oil comes 100 percent unadulterated as we include no additives. We use transparent PET bottles that showcase the yellow crystal liquid.  They come in the capacities of between 1 and 15 liters net weight. Our drums have a net capacity of 15 liters.

Our clear labeling of the processed Tanzania corn oil includes details of the 100 percent natural ingredients. We also label the net weight and country of origin. We insert the best-by date of 24 months down the line.

We store Tanzania corn oil in a cool, dry environment at less than 5 degrees Celsius. We reduce human handling by using automated packing alternatives.

We transport Tanzania corn oil by our pre-cooled trucks to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam or Arusha. From here the dispatch will make it to your destination in a day or two from the dispatch date.

Thus, if you are in search of one of the world’s most affordable yet healthy oilseeds, then you might as well consider our processed Tanzania corn oil.  We source the raw maize from designate family growers who possess certificates of Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). We ensure you only get fresh quality by processing the product a few days before the disembarking date to ensure maximum shelf life. Our quantity is always exact as we have the surplus from our small-scale farmers throughout the year. On top of that, we keep the deal going by offering very competitive prices. Make an order today!

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