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We provide high-quality Tanzania fruit mixtures to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh fruits for making Tanzania fruit mixtures from family growers in the country.

Tanzania fruit mixtures are a combination of pure fruit juices and purees in various concentrations. Most drupes that feature in these blends in the East African country include oranges, limes, and grapefruits. The berries range from strawberries to blackberries and blueberries. Popular fruit blends feature pineapple juice, mango juice, and orange juice. Temperate fruits also make for good cold-pressing choices and include plums, peaches, and apricots. Ripe avocados also offer wholesome high Brix concentrates.

We source our raw fruits for making Tanzania fruit mixtures from all parts of the country. Citrus drupes come from Tanga and Iringa. Temperate fruits like apples and plums come in from the south and southwest. We make sure that our family sources grow them under organic conditions before we harvest them by hand means.

We provide Tanzania fruit mixtures that consist of various ingredients. The fruit juices may first undergo processing singly before they undergo blending.  Our ‘nectar’ unblended juices contain at least 30 percent of puree or solid pulp content before they mix with others. This gives them a highly nutritious standing out factor, and even their aftertaste is apparent in blended form due to the careful concentration.

Our other Tanzania fruit mixtures come in the form of ‘squashes.’ This describes separate juices that consist of no less than 25 percent of solid pulp. We either dilute the mixture with water or combine it with other squashes in equal concentrations. We optionally mix this puree with sugar syrup in low quantities to enrich it with sweetness.

We also have fruit juice mixtures with crystal-clear natural concentrations (they have more juice than pulp). The first of these is a ‘cordial,’ normally a clear fruit juice in squash form but with no other additives. ‘Syrups’ are similar to cordials only that they are highly sweetened with sugar additives.

We process most of our Tanzania fruit mixtures separately through cold pressing. However, we blend them at the pasteurization stage so that they can undergo packing at once. The pasteurization process removes any pathogens by boiling the many juices at the optimum 80 degrees Celsius’ temperature. Sugar is also an optional but essential additive at the packing stage because other than sweetening; it serves as a preservative.

We pack Tanzania fruit mixtures in PET bottles, aromatherapy grade glass jars, tin containers, and plastic cans. We offer flexible measures that range from 250 ml to several liters. Our corrugated cartons with polyethylene linings can hold about 12 bottles at one go. We clearly label each carton with the 100 percent natural ingredients, the names of the raw extracted fruits, the best-by date, and the processing date.

We store Tanzania fruit mixtures at temperatures of below 5 degrees Celsius. This is the most optimum cool storage level for most juices as it preserves their natural acidity which helps to preserve the drinks. It also maintains the nutrient levels.

We transport Tanzania fruit mixtures’ cargo to the airports in either Arusha (Kilimanjaro International) or Dar-es-Salaam (Julius Nyerere International) on the same day of packing. The packages will usually reach your city in a day or two after the dispatch.

We are therefore your best bet for availing quality cordials, squashes and nectars in the form of Tanzania fruit mixtures. Whether you need pure juice, a puree or sweetened blends, then you have the right processing partner. We follow phytosanitary, mainly automated processes to extract the juice to reduce pathogenic handling. We only use fruits from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified sources. We also keep the quantity at a perk by processing the right amount to meet your request. Importantly, our prices are quite low as we tailor them to your budget. Make an order today!


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