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  • Tanzania Myrrh Gum
  • Tanzania Myrrh Gum
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We provide high-quality Tanzania myrrh gum to the local and export destinations. We source the raw fresh Tanzania myrrh gum from family growers in the country.

Tanzania myrrh gum (mainly from Commiphora myrrha) is the main product of the trees that produce a medicinal resin. The primary extraction method is that of bleeding the living trees on the bark and collecting the liquid gum.  More concentrations of the gum permeate the sapwood of the tree. The cohesiveness of the gum lies in its waxy texture and fast settling after it oozes from the tree.  The gum produces oil that changes from yellow to dark red colors in its crude and dried forms. The leading growers are in Morogolo as well as other dry parts of the country.

The primary uses of myrrh gum oil include the treatment of mucus overload in the respiratory tract. It is also a treatment for a cough, the common cold, and other lung diseases. It helps to cure mouth diseases including oral ulcers and gum sores. Many people apply it on the skin to heal rashes and to kill ringworms. The primary industrial uses of the product include the making of perfumes and lotions.

We source Tanzania myrrh gum from our family growers in Morogolo. The farmers grow it next to frankincense. They also keep it off chemical sprays to reduce contamination. Instead of commercial fertilizers, our sources conserve the tree with mulch and farmyard manure.

We harvest Tanzania myrrh gum for oil production by the use of sharp knives. Our trained workers apply expert cuts on the bark and then collect the exuding yellowish liquid in a beaker. They wait for it to dry whereby it turns into a mixture of red and brown color. They then take it to the processing venue.

We follow phytosanitary harvesting and extracting procedures. Our workers come fully clothed in PPE and gloves to prevent contamination during the harvest.  We also use automated means for the processing part with little human handling.

We can also opt to extract Tanzania myrrh gum oil upon request through a steam distillation method. The efficient process gives a yield rate of 3 to 5 percent.  The steam evaporates the toxic material and retains the oleoresins that make up much of the crude oil.

We pack unprocessed Tanzania myrrh gum in double PP woven bags. We have capacities for 25 and 50 kilograms. We usually have 30-kilogram and 50-kilogram cartons for securing the bags. We attach product labels that include the 100 percent natural ingredients, the packing date and the country of origin.

We also pack Tanzania myrrh gum oil in borosilicate glass (GL) glass jars. We feature concentrations of between 250 ml net weight and 1 liter per package. As with the raw gum, we secure the jars in designate cartons.

We store Tanzania myrrh gum at around 4 degrees Celsius. We maintain a cool, dry storage environment to keep the fresh condition of the resin content.

We dispatch the cargo from the warehouse on the same packing date. You can expect the packages to make it to your destination courtesy of our refrigerated vehicles in the next 24 -48 hours by air.

In short, we are your assured source of Tanzania myrrh gum. We source the tree product from family growers in Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified locales. You can expect the product to reach in the right tonnage as we direct our farmers to grow it in surplus. We also keep the prices very low to meet your exact budgetary requirements. Make an order today!


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