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We provide high-quality Tanzania orange juice, puree, concentrate, and oil. We source the raw fruits for processing Tanzania orange juice, puree, concentrate and oil from family growers in the country.

The wholesome, unblended Tanzania orange juice, puree, concentrate, and oil is the main by-products of arguably the most popular citrus fruit. It is a significant source of ascorbic acid or vitamin C. It also contains high margins of vitamin A due to its bright-colored peel. The dietary fiber proportion is also as pronounced as that of the raw fruit — potassium which balances blood electrolytes fronts the mineral department. Flavonoids are other extra-nutrients that help to combat degenerative ailments. The puree and oil forms are also significant sources of magnesium for a strong bone structure.

We source the oranges for making the four by-products from the Tanga, Kilimanjaro and Iringa regions of Tanzania. We only go for orchards with less than two acres of land. This medium land size makes it possible to manage the trees under farmyard manure with little chemical application.

We harvest oranges at the peak of their ripeness when they have turned yellow or orange. We use sickles to fend off the branches and sharp knives to cut the fruits at the stalk. We cart away the produce to the processing area for the extraction of the various by-products.Tanzania Orange Juice

We cold-press the fruits for four related purposes, juice, puree, concentrate and oil production. We start with Tanzania orange juice and puree. We first peel and then slice the pieces. The crushing of the pulp on the rotating screw press follows suit. The juice oozes out and collects at the waiting beaker. For puree production, we only partially squeeze the slices to leave thick, pureed liquid. The liquid retains about 50 to 60% of the solid matter of the fruit.

Tanzania orange puree is highly nutritious when taken directly with its rich vitamin C content. It is also a packed food preservative: many bakery products feature the ingredient and highlight its percentage on their labels. The same applies to packed desserts.

Our other Tanzania orange juice by-product is the oil. We collect it from the peel. The skin contains the compound pectin which produces the oil. We first of all peel and crush the skin of the drupe. The drying of the content follows this. We use a different cold press from that of juice or puree to ‘pierce’ the oil out of the dried peel. The mashed peel goes through the rotating hydraulic extractor while its minimal oil drips into a collecting beaker.

The primary use of orange oil is to marinate grains like maize and wheat. It also preserves spices. Its other uses include the preservation of bread and cake. Besides, it is a sauce and features in herbal tea just like lemon.

We extract Tanzania orange concentrate as an alternative to the puree in a more refined form. It is essentially the combined input of the oil extract from the skin, the crude juice from the first stage of cold pressing and the thick unrefined puree. We keep additives like colorings out of this mixture. The only external ingredient is water in a minimal format that preserves the juice 99 percent unblended.

We pack Tanzania orange juice, puree, concentrate and oil in a flexible PET, tin and plastic bottles. We have weight measures of 250 milliliters basic and 1-liter maximum. We keep the bottles in polyethylene-lined bags-within-cartons. We stick the clear labels of each volume of ingredients, the packing date, and the processing country. We also indicate the expiry date.

We store Tanzania orange juice, puree, concentrate and oil in separate vacuum-sealed bottles in a cool, dry environment. We maintain a temperature peak of 5 degrees Celsius. The near-freezing levels help retain the heat-sensitive ascorbic acid at its prime. We also transport the bottled content in our refrigerated vans at this same temperature to the airport in either Dar-es-Salaam or Arusha.

We are thus well-placed to provide you with a consignment of Tanzania orange juice, puree, concentrate, and oil. Because we source the raw fruits from only family growers who are certified with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) licenses, then you have our word for quality. We do the processing ourselves in our designate ISO-standard factories. You can request for any quantity because we produce a surplus. On the price department, you are assured of very fair rates. This is why you need to make an order today!


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