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We provide high-quality Tanzania lamb to the local and export markets. We source the fresh raw cut Tanzania lamb from family growers in the country.

Tanzania lamb comes from the young of sheep and is one of the premium meat sources around. Tanzania has the second highest livestock population in Sub-Saharan Africa but its sheep population, at 3.6 million heads is four times less than its goat count of 13.4 million. Collectively known as nyama ya mbuzi with mutton, lamb is also a source of popular street roasts.

We source our kids for making Tanzania lamb from the central, coastal, southern and northern parts of the country. Our family herders usually try to balance the goat and sheep but most of the time goats are more as they are easier to manage. We also obtain veterinary certificates from the Ministry of Health officers who inspect the animals and the slaughtering premises before any slaughtering takes place.

Our hygienically cut slices of Tanzania lamb go through stringent routine check-up before we can pack them through our automated systems. We minimize human handling as much as possible and instead use sterilized packing systems. This results in various cuts of lamb that include the following:

The shoulder: this is a tough cut by lamb terms but with surprisingly moist meat. The flank of the kid also presents the loin and rack chops. These are soft offers that provide four-inch thick steak that is perfect for roasting or barbequing.

The leg chops of Tanzania lamb is tenderer than its mutton counterpart as the animal from which it comes has not yet exercised the limbs. We offer racks that measure 7 inches long, 5 inches wide and 4 inches deep. They are usually cross-sections of bone and steak, either in combined or single cuts.  These cuts generally have low fat as they are mostly lean tendons arrested in the middle of development.

We still have truly tough sections of Tanzania lamb in the name of the shank. This hind leg bottom section is usually thick. It can be easy to moisten after a slow culinary routine. This cut is complemented by the neck, which consists of even the shoulder bone and sometimes only the meat cross-section. The steaks from the neck prove savory for being closest to the animal’s head.

The rump is one master cut of Tanzania lamb that we also offer.  It usually is the flat, back part of the growing lamb. It is lean and tender and tastes quite well when done in combination with herbs. Our steak slices and chops are the perfect combinations that constitute the rump cuts.

We pack Tanzania lamb by automated means. After the chops reach the packing bay via conveyor belts, we then pack the meat in cellulose plastic trays that snugly offer room for the chops while the thermo-film tightly straps the racks. Our carcass bags help to preserve whole fore-to-hindquarter cuts by closely hugging the meat. We finish each packing routine with labeling that includes the kind of meat, best-by date and the country of origin.

Our storage parameters for Tanzania lamb imitate those of delicatessens as we use deep freezers to keep the meat fresh. After checking the meat one last time for any signs of deterioration, we immediately load the meat into our special delivery vans that have full licensure. We give one to two days between dispatch from Arusha or Dar-es-Salaam airports and the arrival of the cargo at your destination.

By working closely with both the Ministry of Health and the Tanzania Food and Drugs Administration, we ensure that our Tanzania lamb is always superior quality. You are therefore bound to us in every question about quality and safe human consumption of the meat. Our deliveries come in the same tonnage as you will have requested as we make plans with our family herders months before the due date. We also make the prices worthwhile by lowering the market rates. Make an order today!

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