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We provide high-quality Tanzania beef to the local and export markets. We source our raw fresh slaughtered Tanzania beef from family herders in the country.

Tanzania beef or nyama ya ng’ombe in Swahili, is among the most common types of meat in this East African country. Tanzania is only second to Ethiopia regarding the cattle population in sub-Saharan Africa. With 12.5 million heads, the state is a significant source of beef which make popular roasts known as nyama choma.

We source the cattle for making Tanzania beef from various grassy areas including the coastal Savannah, the Serengeti savannah and the central pastoral lands. We only deal with family herders with less than ten heads of cattle. Our veterinarians supported by Ministry of Health officers inspect the animals. They also examine the slaughterhouse conditions before giving us the go-ahead to prepare the beef for the market.

We offer various cuts of Tanzania beef that feature forequarter and hindquarter demarcations. The forequarter includes sections of the front legs through the end of the ribcage. It is usually a mixture of fat-free meat and tough muscle, especially from the shoulders. The shank, for instance, is tough but flavored. It comes with the full tautness of the frequently exercised back section of the front leg. It makes for great soup after the slow boiling of the bone partition.  We also have a popular cut in ribs, which consist of short rib cuts and pricey steak cuts. They both work best in roasts.

There is also the chuck of Tanzania beef which is the opposite of the shoulder as it is tender and meaty. It comes from the lower arm of the cow, and its steak nature makes it a candidate for roasts. Alternative tender cuts of the forequarters range from the barbeque-quality brisket that comes from just beneath the chuck to the plate cut. The latter is quite tender as it comes from the belly parts. It is an excellent choice for bone-free meat lovers.

The best selections of the hindquarter of our Tanzania beef provide for choice frying and roasting.  Perhaps you can start with our first-rate ground meat which comes from the flank or the backside before the hind legs. It features an inch-thick cut that you can grind once it reaches you. The shank which is the upper back of the animal’s hind leg is perhaps the most robust selection we have that can substitute the front leg. Its bone-free tendons are tough but are nevertheless savory roasts.

Nothing completes Tanzania beef cuts than the Round, which is the rear flank of the cow and it produces some of the reddest steaks around, free of any sign of fat. In this respect, it tops the chuck which is its opposite in the front part of the animal. The loins also offer the classic T-bone bypass meat that is both red and tender. The tenderness derives from the soft innards of the cow’s waist area. The sirloin complements the loin in that it is a little more robust but flavored. The uppercut often comes separately from the lower cut, each with its texture as well as flavor.

We use airtight and climate-resistant wrappers to pack Tanzania beef. The plastic wrapping keeps out weather damage and microbial infestation. We also have full carcasses that we dress in transparent and labeled plastic nets that enclose the meat tightly. Our plastic trays with polyethylene linings also keep the cuts in thermo-cooled conditions. We pack the meat by artificial means including automatic meat packers with sterilized components to reduce microbial infection. We finish off the packing routine by labeling the packages with the packing date, the net weight, the name of the cut and the source.

We store Tanzania beef in clean, decontaminated cold rooms under freezing conditions. We inspect each deli-style meat rack before stowing the meat inside in freezer bags. We only store the cuts temporarily before our transport crew drives it off to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam or Arusha by our licensed meat vans. Expect your package to reach you a day or two after departure.

We are therefore fully equipped to offering you the best fresh Tanzania beef straight from family herders in the country. All our selections come with designate labels that include certificates of inspection from the Ministry of Health and the Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority. We pack the meat in your specified quantity right before shipping to maintain its quality. Regarding price, we make sure that the rates are low and match your budget. This is why you need to make an order today!

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