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We provide high -quality Tanzania veal to the local and export markets. We source our raw fresh Tanzania veal from family herders in the country.

Tanzania veal or nyama ya ndama in Swahili is the meat of a calf. It is usually famous for being tenderer and rarer than beef. With a cattle count of over 25 million, Tanzania has the second-highest cattle population in East Africa and the third in Africa. Its calving rate fluctuates between 40 and 50 percent per annum. The calves that die after birth are about 30 percent, which means about 70 percent survive. The interval of calving is about 18 to 24 months, using the national average of the year 2017.

We source our calves for producing Tanzania veal from the coastal savannah, the central and northern grasslands of the country. Our family herders, especially the Masai of the north usually keep a steady calf number of 5 to 10 per herd that they fatten early for meat production. We test the health of the animals via the services of certified vets before delivery to the abattoir. The country’s Ministry of Health (MoH) officers offer phytosanitary certificates after checking the slaughtering grounds, ceilings, walls and tools for their hygiene.

Our Tanzania veal comes in a range of handsome cuts, each strapped into a thermo-cool tray. The forequarter consists of breast, ribs, legs and Round. The breast is a mouth-watering partition of the first four ribs with a meaty slice from the bottom section of the ribs. Its lean steak is complemented by some hints of fat from the upper abdomen. The breast also presents the riblet, which is usually lateral meat slices consisting of ribs and meat. It is also reasonably lean with some traces of fat deposits on it.

Tanzania veal from the forequarters also presents the cubed steak. This is a methodical cut from the front leg free of the bone. There is also the veal leg that emanates from the rear part of the front leg. We offer it in a cone-shaped chop that may look like bacon when cooked.  It is so superiorly racked that its bone is just slightly visible in one portion while the rest is clothed in meat. The ‘round,’ on the other hand, is a muscled and tendon-filled steak from the entire leg. Bone-free, this lean meat has low fat and may be unique for having some of its hair-free skin still present.

If the tender is your need, then the sirloin of Tanzania veal is a perfect offer to look forward to. It is a hindquarter delicacy that consists of the muscles of the back as well as the hip bone and some innards. The kidney chop, on the other hand, is one of the tenderer parts of the sirloin to go for as it contains no muscle but just the organ, the sternum sections, and the loins. The stand-alone loin chop on its part is a merger of the tenderloin and accessory muscles and is usually great for roasting.

We pack the meat by conveyor belt systems free of human handling. We place the chops in plastic trays that have polyethylene linings to keep the meat fresh. We bar air entry through our vacuum sealing machines. We also wrap the full carcasses of Tanzania veal in airtight polythene bags, usually white with labels of our company superimposed on them.

We store the veal in immaculate deep freezer bags throughout the temporary handling period in our cold rooms. We reduce contamination by keeping it in airtight boxes away from light. We observe the due delivery date by immediate transportation to the airport via our refrigerated trucks.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to the best Tanzania veal, look no further than our supplies. We obtain the meat from family herders after the inspection of the herd by certified veterinarians. All our handling routines including slaughtering take place in the presence of a supervisor from the MoH. The checking of the meat with the accompanying certificates comes courtesy of the Tanzania Food and Drug Authority. We deliver the meaty chops to your destination in the proper quantity right after its automated packing. We seal the deal with pocket-friendly rates that meet your budgetary needs. This is why you need to make an order today!


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