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We provide high-quality Tanzania pork to the local and international markets. We source the raw fresh Tanzania pork from family herders in the country.

Tanzania pork or nyama ya nguruwe in Swahili is a popular delicacy for mainly urban residents. Tanzania has around 1.85 million pigs. This is about 3.7 percent of the total count of domestic meat-producing quadruples.  The country’s bulk of pig production comes from family herders who manage their animals in 10 square feet sheds. Pork is a popular delicacy in areas outside the coast (predominated by Muslims who do not eat the meat).  The main products of animals include pork, bacon, and sausage.  The ham, from the thighs, is also common in restaurants in smoked or seasoned form.

We source our Tanzania pork from the pig-rearing regions of Iringa, Mbeya, Dar-es-Salaam, Ruvuma, and Kilimanjaro, among others. The most prominent herding groups are usually private herders who keep the quadruples in little sheds. We curate the animals from our herders after checking on their health condition courtesy of our certified veterinarians in cohort with the Ministry of Health (MoH) officers.  We then pack our pork in automated systems and dispatch the rest for processing into bacon immediately after slaughtering.

We offer a variety of fine cuts from all parts of the pig. Our primary cut of Tanzania pork is the shoulder. Due to common exercise by the animal, this part tempers the meat into tender and tough meat in equal measure. It is a perfect choice for any roast that requires slow cooking. The same case applies to shoulder-made stew.

We also offer the loin which is one of the tenderer parts of Tanzania pork. Physically, this is a flat chop from the upper flank of the pig. It is available in multiple cuts including tiny bits of steak, huge slabs, and ground meat. The slabs do a perfect job for preparing stuffed meat with the bones removed. We also have the chump chop from the other parts of the pig’s flank. It occupies the region around the hip and is available with the bone or without.

Tanzania pork is never complete without the fillet, another word for the tenderloin. It is the meat that is caught between the ribcage and the muscles protecting the internal organs. It works best in marinated or fried form. Its opposite is the rib chop, which comes in the form of whole meat that is entrapped in ribs. It makes for a good barbeque over a slow grill.

Our Tanzania pork also comes in the form of legs, organs, and skin. If going for the leg, then you are in for a feast with lean meat with surprisingly low fat. The opposite is the organs and belly cross-sections that feature liver and kidney racks. We provide the whole belly cut with its consistent, tender, fatty but aromatic meat.

We begin the packing process for Tanzania pork by following phytosanitary arrangements. The carcasses in uncut form go through the sanitized conveyor belts to the sterilized cutlery section. Here the meat is cut into various chops and then goes into the packing section for mechanized wrapping with little human handling.

We pack Tanzania pork in trays with perfect vacuum sealing attributes. We line the interiors of the meat racks with polyethylene material to keep the meat free of contamination. Our airtight carcass bags also provide the right wrapping of the whole quartered pig with clear labels on the transparent, white bags.  Our packed meat comes with its accessory inspection certificates that give it a clean bill of health.

We go ahead and store Tanzania pork in new freezer bags that prevent the meat from decomposing.  We maintain a cool, dry environment and keep the degree of human handling in the cold room at almost zero. The same controls take place during the transportation phase to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam courtesy of our special refrigerated vans. The cargo arrives at your destination on the next 24 to 48 hours depending on your part of the world.

In short, if you would like to get a fresh supply of Tanzania pork right from family herders in the country, then you may have to consider us. We verify the source of the meat by actually contracting herders to rear for us and personally supervise the animals’ slaughter. We have certificates from both the MoH and Tanzania Food and Drug Authority that reveal the safety of our meat. We mirror your exact quantity by being in contact with our sources for tonnage verification a reasonable time before the order date. Our prices also keep at the lowest. This is why you need to make an order today!


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