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We provide high-quality Tanzania mutton to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Tanzania mutton from family herders in the country.

Tanzania is a significant source of mutton in Africa. Though outclassed in production terms by Ethiopia and Kenya, the country’s goat population still zeroes in at 13.1 million. Its sheep population clocks at 3.6 million heads. The mutton industry in the country is not very vibrant as most restaurants sell beef and chicken. However, the goat and sheep meat is in high demand and thus considered premium. It costs more than its cattle and poultry equivalents. Tanzanians prefer the roasted variation known as nyama choma.

We source Tanzania mutton from the cattle grazing areas in the central, eastern, northern and southern parts of the country. We use certified veterinary officers to test each of the animals we select from our family herders. Our inspectors work together with Ministry of Health officials to ensure the sanitary condition of the abattoirs that we use for slaughtering. We transport the meat to the final station for packing under the same sanitary conditions.

We offer a range of parts of Tanzania mutton cuts. They include:

The chop: one of the most popular cuts, the chop comes from the rib cage. It is a little pricey, but the piece, also known as ‘rack’ is quite savory. We prioritize on inch-thick meat between the curved ribs to make chops that are great for roasting.

The shoulder: Tough but flavored, the shoulder is the epitome of the animal’s exercised muscle in chopped form. We offer it in an inch-thick slab of steak that makes for a good roasting.

Loin: a rack from the T-bone section of the lower flank of the goat or sheep, the loin is tender meat from the waist area. It not only qualifies as choice meat for roasting but barbeque.

The rump: off the upper horizontal back side of the sheep, the rump is in a class of its own as fat-free steak. Of all Tanzania mutton cuts, this is perhaps the finest for frying though even grilling and roasting come out well too. It is also tender and full of flavor.

The shank: this ranks as the cheapest cut to avail of a sheep. It comes from the bottom section of the back leg, slightly beneath the knee. It is great for meals that need slow boiling or cooking. As such, it is a blissful cut for soup lovers.

The leg: It may seem unromantic, but our leg cut either from the entire limb or the knee up section is best for those who love their meat peeling in full toughness from the bone. It is excellent as a smoky roast when served with herbs.

The neck:  a juicy, meaty cut from the neck comes cheap with all its steak attributes. Sometimes it reaches up to the shoulder bone.

We pack Tanzania mutton in polythene sleeves after vacuum-sealing them. We feature the company’s logo on top of the sleeve to give authentic quality verification.  Our other packaging materials include carcass bags that feature polyethylene linings in their interiors. They are perfect for storage, transportation, and display of full length, shoulder-to-tail carcasses. We also have trays with sunken sections that retain each cut of meat wrapped in film before it features in the export box. We clearly label each package inclusive of the date of packing, the section/cut of the meat, as well as the source.

We store Tanzania mutton under freezing conditions in our delicatessen-style cold rooms. Our freezer bags retain the meat stowed away in dimly lit racks before its transfer to the airport on the same day. We transport the meat via special trucks to Kilimanjaro International Airport in Arusha or Julius Nyerere International in Dar-es-Salaam the same day of packing.

In short, if you are keen to lay hands on one of the more premium meat cuts from East Africa, then Tanzania mutton is a definite go. We work closely with the country’s Ministry of Health and get certifications from the Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority before the produce leaves the abattoir. We minimize human contamination by using meat packing technology at our depot. We provide sufficient quantities throughout the year via our family herders. We also maintain fair pricing terms to ensure that you get value for money. Make an order today!


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