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We provide high-quality Tanzania thymes to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Tanzania thyme from family growers in the country.

Tanzania thyme (Thymus vulgaris) or zaatari in Swahili is an evergreen herb with a pleasant aroma that doubles as a spice and garden plant.  Its rich flavor and aroma may owe to its relationship with oregano and mint with which it shares two related families. In appearance, the most typical varieties come with star-shaped greenish-white leaves. They develop into sprigs or simple wooden stems which support the paired leaves and flowers. The most common retail measure is a bunch made of about ten sprigs whereas the main measure in cuisine is one spring at a time. The bundles of leaves go into sale fresh or in dried form.

Egypt and the Mediterranean region might have been the origin of thyme. So aromatic is the herb that the Greeks used it as incense with the belief that it would bring its users bravery. In ancient Rome, the main use of the herb was in flavoring vegetables, beer and cheese, a tradition that continued to the modern times across the world.

Consuming thyme is a ticket to immunity against diseases as the plant has an overwhelming vitamin C margin of 266 percent per serving. Its vitamin A content for improving eyesight is 95 percent of the daily needs. The calcium level, essential for teeth enamel health is 40 percent of the daily requirements. The magnesium concentration stands at 40 percent of the daily needs. The plant also provides an iron margin of 97 percent per serving. The Vitamin B-6 concentration is 15 percent in each serving. The level of dietary fiber stands at 56 percent in each serving, which makes for proper digestion.

We source Tanzania thyme from the coastal area, Mbeya and Morogoro. Our family growers cultivate the crop under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions. They keep their crops well-nourished through the use of farmyard manure. For their produce to find acceptability in the international markets, they keep it free of chemical sprays.

We harvest Tanzania thyme just a few days before the flowers bloom. At this time, the sprigs are hardened and the leaves are tender and full flavored. Our trained workers cut the stems just above where there is a bud to encourage the future growth of this perennial herb.  We do our harvesting at dawn so that by the mid-morning the basketfuls of sprigs will be at the drying area.

We dry Tanzania thyme while the leaves are still in the twigs. We hang the sprigs upside-down in a low-humidity environment with a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. We keep them for a week in this condition until they are completely moisture-free. We then carve out the leaves from the dried stems and store them in vacuum-sealed containers.

We then pack Tanzania thyme in modified humidity cartons to keep the herb’s famous flavor intact and preserve the fresh color. We first of all wrap the 10 to 12 leaf bunches in polyurethane, clamshell or jute bags before placement in the cartons. The roomy spaces of the bags help to give the spices proper aeration.

We store Tanzania thyme at 0 degrees Celsius in the cool, dry conditions of our cold room. The precaution of using vented bags and other sealed wrappers in combination with this freezing temperature extends the shelf life of the leaves to a month instead of 14 days.

We transport Tanzania thyme on the same day of packing in our special trucks with modified environment interiors. The package reaches your destination in a day or two from the dispatch date.

You therefore now have a one-stop source of Tanzania thyme straight from family growers’ backyards. Since we source the produce from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAPP)-certified sources is reason enough to believe in our quality. Our other premise is an affixed quantity that we maintain by having many farmers from diverse lands to produce a surplus for your exact needs. Our prices are also among the lowest in the region. Make an order today!


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