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We provide high-quality Tanzania soya beans oil to the local and export markets. We source the raw material for processing Tanzania soya bean oil from family growers in the country.

Tanzania soya bean oil refers to a vegetable oil from one of the chief meal-making legumes that often serve as canned food for food insecure communities. Though the oil makes industrial inks for printing and artistic painting, it is in its edible use that it is most famous. Soya is a significant crop in the coldest districts of Tanzania in the Southern Highlands. The exact central location where the crop is a renowned export is Utigi, a village in the Njombe region within the south. Here, farmers grow the beans for both food security and for ferrying across the borders with Malawi and Zambia.

Taking soya bean oil is a ticket to high protein though much of the content is available in the raw rather than the processed product. You can expect a saturated fat level of 80 percent. Polyunsaturated content is 58 grams while monounsaturated is 23 grams per 100 grams. The total fat content in the oil is 153 percent.

We source the raw soya beans from family growers in the Njombe region. All of our farmers do their cultivation on less than 2 acres of land which they cultivate by farmyard manure.  They also abstain from excessive application of chemical sprays to keep residual levels at less than 0.01 percent.

We process Tanzania soya bean oil by two means. The first one is by screw cold press. We first of all crack open the beans to reveal the inner compact copra. We then heat these at the temperature range of 75 degrees Celsius. The beans with the now lowered moisture content pass through a crusher which reduces them into a paste. This then rotates under a screw press than squeezes oil out of them. We maximize the extraction to about 99% of the total yield.

We also use hexane solvent, probably the most popular method of extracting and refining crude soya bean oil. We begin by de-hulling the seeds. This is followed by malaxing or heating them at the temperature range of 60 to 80 degrees Celsius. The reason is to coagulate or soften the proteins to make the production of oil easy. We also pass the beans through a magnification chamber where any trapped iron is removed.

We then cut the beans into flakes for the extraction of Tanzania soya bean oil. We mix these with the hexane solvent. After the removal from the extraction chamber, 99 percent of oil will be in liquid form whereas 1 percent will be trapped in flakes. These go into another bin to serve as animal fodder. We then evaporate the hexane from the remaining oil so that it can be clear of impurities. After further purification, it is then possible to regain the pure oil. The now refined product is ready for collecting at the beaker.

We pack Tanzania soya bean oil in PET bottles of 250 ml and 500 ml. There are also glass jars, and plastic bottles tinted a dark color that can contain up to 1 liter of the oil. We keep about 12 bottles in custom cartons that secure them from contamination. We guarantee the product will reach you in a clearly-labeled manner including the 100 percent ingredients, the packing date, and the expiry date.

We store Tanzania soya bean oil at the ambient temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. This gives it a shelf life of 12 months. We keep the product in brown bottles with stoppers at a dimly lit place under dry conditions.

We transport Tanzania soya bean oil to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam via our special trucks with controlled environment interiors. Delivery takes about 1-2 days after dispatch by air.

Therefore, if you would like to avail one of the most essential processed edible oils, then Tanzania soya bean oil will be a worthy choice. We obtain the supplies from family growers in all corners of the country who grow the crop under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions. We carry out a phytosanitary processing method that capitalizes more on automated than human handling. Regarding quantity, we deliver you the exact volume that you request for on the specific date. Besides, our prices are among the lowest in the regional market. Make an order today!

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