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Going by the Swahili name pea, Tanzania pears (Pyrus communis L.) are temperate fruits with a crunchy white interior and a core of minute seeds that also do well in the tropics. Its pear shape is perhaps the reason it got its name though some varieties are round. In appearance, the tree reaches some 17 meters high at the maximum and bears narrow-necked and round-bottomed hard fruits. These are green when unripe but turn a dirty greyish brown when ripe. The plant grows mainly in the cooler parts of Tanzania to the north towards Arusha where the climate verges around 21 degrees Celsius. The farmers here intercrop the fruit tree with other cool-weather staples like bananas and apples.

The pear is a modern introduction to Tanzania next to other temperate fruits like avocados and apples. It was one of the prehistoric berries that ancient man thrived. The first evidence of its existence is the Lake Zurich area of Switzerland during prehistoric times.  The Romans would later bring the fruit its glory by growing it for cooking.

A natural antioxidant, pears curtail the spread of cancer. They also boost the heart rate, enhance digestion, keep blood pressure low and promote the fast curing of wounds. This is courtesy of their load of nutrients that range from dietary fiber at 12 percent to vitamin C at 7 percent of the daily value. The total carbohydrate concentration is 5 percent while that of sugar is 10 grams per 100 grams of the produce. Each serving of the fruit also promotes diuresis due to the potassium margin of 3 percent of the daily needs.

We source our Tanzania pears from family growers in various parts of the cooler Tanzania such as Lushoto in Tanga and Karatu in Arusha. Our sources own average 0.5 hectares of land. This makes it possible to tend after their crop via organic controls such as farmyard manure instead of commercial fertilizers. The locals grow a range of cultivars but the winning market selection is Bartlett followed by Kieffer.

We harvest pears when they have attained a hardened appearance while still on the tree. We pluck them when they have attained a bright green color so that they can ripen at a later date either naturally or by artificial means.  Our gloved workers use pruners to cut the stalk of the fruit at least one centimeter from the fruit’s button.

We pack Tanzania pears in 9-kilogram produce boxes, which can be crates or telescopic cartons. We also have larger package sizes of 13.6 kilograms in one consistent layer. We reduce friction between the uniformly-sized fruits by the use of soft paper all around the interior of the box. We touch off with exterior marks of quality and the label. The label features the name of the produce, the number of pieces (if bulk), the net weight and the country of origin next to our logo.

We store our Tanzania pears at 4.4 degrees Celsius in our cold rooms away from direct light or moisture. This gives them a shelf life of between 30 and 90 days. Our transport vehicles that are fitted with refrigeration equipment maintain the same temperature and cool, dry environment for the produce. It takes a few hours to transport the packages to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam depending on the farm’s location. Give or take, you can expect the cargo to make it to your city by air in a day or two from the shipping date.

If ready for a crunchy taste of a temperate fruit from a sub-tropical climate, then the Tanzania pear from us is a definite go. Since we avail the produce from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified locales in the East African nation, you get an assurance of quality. We train our farmers on organic control measures such as spare use of pesticides to reduce chemical residual which we measure before each shipment. We ensure your pre-order is complete by liaising with as many growers as possible to meet your quantity on the due date. Our prices are quite competitive as we adjust them to the current market rates. Make an order today!

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