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We provide high-quality Tanzania wool to the local and export markets. We source our raw fresh Tanzania wool from family herders in the country.

Tanzania wool is the product of heavy sheep that are both traditional and exotic from the drier, pastoralists’ parts of the country. Tanzania has one traditional wool-bearing sheep, namely Red Masaai or Tanganyika. It comes from the northern regions around the Serengeti environs. It is characterized by fat tail and thick skin. The exotic variety for wool production is merino. The resplendent white-colored breed also emerges from the semi-arid districts of especially the north.

We source the sheep for producing Tanzania wool from the northern areas. We only contact family herders who graze their sheep freely in the open or keep them in sheds for fattening purposes.  Most of our farmers have herds of less than 50 heads which makes for easy management to improve wool quality. We shear merino and other breeds of sheep of their wool when they have grown for about eight months to one year from the date of the last shearing.

We liaise with the country’s Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock Development before we deliver the sheep to the shearing venue. This way we record their health status. We only shear fully grown fleece through long shears. We hold the shorn fleece in multiple units known as clips, before its delivery to the processing plant.

The sorting stage follows this. We classify Tanzania wool clips by various elements including the fiber length, color, and quality. The long-fiber fleece makes the first grade due to its high quality and its impressive length. Other enhancing characteristics include its clarity, pure white and blemish-free appearance. By its ease of dye application, white fleece always makes it to the first grade in comparison with that of other colors.

We do away with any low-quality fleece while the more standard one goes into bales reserved for local resale.  We do not process the wool further regardless of the grade so that buyers will obtain it in its natural condition. We temporarily keep the clips in a well-shaded dry place to keep the original color.

We also separate Tanzania wool from various breeds to ensure uniformity. For example, Tanganyika breed with its red or white fleece is available in its separate bales while merino on its own.

We usually pack Tanzania wool in the form of bales. Also known as pools, these selections come from wool that has gone through mechanical pressing to keep it inflation-free and make it portable. Our basic size is 70 square by 98 centimeters cube dimensions. We use long-lasting, tough HDPE or nylon to wrap the bales. Each package then features the wool’s name (white merino e.t.c.), the country of origin and the net weight.  Every large consignment features about 50 such packs that form large bales that are well wrapped. The raw pre-fabric material is then ready for relay to your city from where it can undergo further processing into yarn.

We store Tanzania wool in a cool, dry environment away from the sun. The reason for this care is to reduce color degradation due to sun contact and keep the fleece crystal clean. We deliver the bales to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam via our special-purpose trucks on the due date.

Thus, if you would like to avail one of the raw fibers with a popular fashionable appeal, then our choice Tanzania wool ought to be your priority. Since we shear the wool fresh from merino and other sheep breeds from the herding communities from the country, you are assured of long-fiber quality. We offer the wool in the correct bale size and quantity after we treat it to careful wrapping. We offer very affordable prices. Make an order today!

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