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We provide high-quality Tanzania sesame oil to the local and export markets. We source the raw materials for processing Tanzania sesame oil from the country.

Tanzania sesame oil comes from the plant of the same name that thrives in the south, east, central and southwestern parts.  So important has the oil become that some of the southeastern farmers are cutting new swathes of land to grow the lucrative crop. The leading export destination for the country is Japan. The production method of the yellowish-brown vegetable oil is cold pressing.

The use of sesame oil extends further than just cooking.  It acts as a source of cosmetic and perfume ingredients. The health benefits of the oil include lowering blood pressure and keeping the heart healthy.  It is also a tonic against depression. Besides, it has high vitamin E and antioxidant content that helps to cure cancer.

We source our sesame seeds for oil production from the southeast and southwest, particularly Lindi and Mtwara. We also have suppliers from Mbeya, Tanga, Morogolo, Ruvuma, and Rukwa. Our sources come from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified locales. Their land  is usually less than two acres of land which they cultivate with organic manure and apply no chemicals.

The first stage of processing Tanzania sesame oil is usually the cleaning of the seeds. We do this by culling out any malformed kernels. We also brush off soil and other debris from the produce.  This is followed by the passage of the seeds in purified water to remove extra dirt.  During a cold season harvest, we usually roast the seeds to lower the moisture level even further.

We process Tanzania sesame oil by a cold press. We usually pass the seeds into a grinding roller that forms cakes. Some of the oil is squeezed out during this preliminary stage. We take the cakes through several repeats until all the oil comes out.  The clear liquid collects at the base of the beaker in readiness for packing.

We filter the crude Tanzania sesame oil to expel some of the solids that make the liquid viscous. The filtration system does not refine the oil but only mechanically sieves any solid particles, leaving 100 percent pure, virgin oil. The brown liquid usually consists of no additives at this point. We let it cool down for a few hours before we collect it for packing.

We pack Tanzania sesame oil in mostly cantor bottles as well as PET bottles. There are also in containers which have long lasting qualities. Our cantor bottles come with transparent material that shows off the yellow-brown liquid inside.  Our basic volume measure usually starts at 250 ml, but we also have bigger loads of 15 l. We have cartons with a capacity for 12 bottles for the 250 ml measures. We attach clear labels on the source, the net weight and the name of the product next to our logo.

We store Tanzania sesame oil at temperatures of less than 5 degrees Celsius. We reduce discoloration effects by storing the product in brown-colored airtight bottles that we keep in dimly-lit racks.

We transport the cargo via refrigerated trucks to the airport in either Arusha or Dar-es-Salaam on the same day of packing. You can expect the shipload to reach your destination a day or two from the date of dispatch.

In short, the best of Tanzania sesame oil is only a click away when you order it on our online page.  Not only do we source the sesame seeds from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified sources but we enhance their farm quality by pressing them hygienically. Our cold presses and other processing equipment are sterilized while our packing system is fully automated. We offer processed oil in various flexible quantities that suit your exact tonnage needs. Besides, our prices are custom as we devise them to suit your budget. Make an order today!

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