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Native to Africa, Tanzania watermelons (Citrullus vulgaris) are a succulent berry that grows to pumpkin size on vines.  It comes from the Cucurbitaceae family and thus it is a gourd’s relation. It can sustain the hot and dry conditions under irrigation. In Tanzania, it grows at temperatures of average 25 degrees Celsius as it is quite hardy. The plant burrows deep to look for water such that by the time it gets ready for the harvest in 2 and ½ months, it will have stored more than 92 percent of its weight in water.

With its extremely high water content of about 92 percent, the watermelon provides good rehydration. It also has vitamin C that is 13 percent of the daily requirements. The amount of vitamin A is 11 percent while that of potassium is 3 percent. The fruit is also a small source of magnesium which is about 2 percent of the daily requirements. The level of carbohydrates stands at 2 percent.

We source Tanzania watermelon from Morogoro in the center of the country and the Kilimanjaro area to the north. All our produce comes from family growers with less than two acres of land. They conserve their land under farmyard manure and practice little or no use of chemical sprays.

We harvest Tanzania watermelon when it has attained at least 75 or at most 90 days from the planting date. We then check for the vines which should be withered at the onset of maturity.  Our well-trained farmhands then cut the stems through knives that slice the base with an allowance of a few inches of the stalk. We then put the fruits in baskets before we cart them away to the packing shed.

Before packing Tanzania watermelon, we sort the fruits into grades. The first grade or Fancy is usually mature, uniform-sized, and slightly ripe. It has no disease damage and its skin is quite smooth. The second grade, also known as No. 1 has similar characteristics, but may be of a different size or variety. The third grade or No.2 has similar features as the above but it may lack uniformity across all fruits.

We pack Tanzania watermelon in large corrugated bins in bulk formation. This is reserved only for the thick-skinned varieties. A bin has a capacity for roughly 317.5 kilos of the fruits. Our non-bulk shipping packages come in the form of corrugated cartons with a capacity for between 50 and 60 pounds (22.6 to 27.2 kilos).  Mostly the thin-skinned types go into the smaller boxes. All cartons have sunken inserts that help to distribute the succulent weight of the fruits evenly. We do not maintain old cartons but rather buy new ones with our logos for every shipment. Their labeling includes the count (for bulk), the net weight, cultivar name and the country of origin.

We store Tanzania watermelon between 10 and 15.5 degrees Celsius in our cold rooms. We also transport the berries using our modified interior vehicles to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam on the same day of packing. This means that the shipment will reach your destination in the space of a day or two depending on your location.

Therefore, if you would like to avail vitamin K-rich berries right from family growers in East Africa, you now have our backing for Tanzania watermelon. As we source them from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified locations, we guarantee fresh quality. They go through minute inspection so that their skins are blemish-free and their sizes uniform. You will also get correct weight details in either bin or carton shipping material. We also maintain an affordable price that considers your budget and tonnage. We, therefore, invite you to make an order today!

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