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We provide high-quality Tanzania patchouli to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Tanzania patchouli from family growers in Tanzania.

Tanzania patchouli describes a plant that belongs to the families of mint and deadnettle. It is among the most aromatic oil-producing herbs. Its viscous essential oil comes from the leaves and it is usually yellow, brown or amber-colored. Its aroma also makes it a source of perfume and incense. Regarding appearance, the plant is a shrub with a short height of 0.75 meters. It bears small but multiple flowers that have a pink or purple hue. The plant’s origins are in central Asia, with China being the leading producer of the commercial varieties in the world.

We source Tanzania patchouli from the Arusha area where many goodwill organizations and farmers grow it for processing soap products for communities. Our family growers cultivate their crop on areas of land of less than two acres. They keep the soil enriched with farmyard compost instead of harmful commercial fertilizers. They also use chemical sprays responsibly to keep residual levels low.

We harvest Tanzania patchouli at early dawn at least three times in 12 months. The picking time begins in the fifth or sixth month after planting the herb. We look mostly for the topmost 3 or 4 pairs of leaves which we cut by garden scissors. Our trained workers know that these are the most aromatic sources of essential oil and can always return to new top shoots in the next 12 weeks.

We cart away the fresh leaves to the sorting and drying area. We remove discolored foliage, discard debris like stalks and pick off stray sands. We then array the leaves to the sun on a wire rack off the ground.

We process essential oil from Tanzania patchouli through a solvent-distillation procedure. We first of all dry the leaves in the sun. This can take at least 90 days but artificial drying can provide quicker results. This is followed by grinding the foliage into small particles. These then pass through a press that rotates them as it extracts the oil from them. The crude semi-solid liquid then mixes with a solvent for purification reasons. Distillation through steam collects the lighter oil through a condenser and leaves the solvent behind. We purify the resulting oil by leading it through a filtration system after which it is ready to collect.

We pack Tanzania patchouli in the form of leaves and oil. Our leaves come in bunches of 24 pieces that we pack in fiberboard carton boxes after wrapping in clamshell or jute bags. The essential oil is available in dark-brown, transparent plastic bottles, tin containers or glass aromatherapy containers. Our basic unit starts at 250 milliliters and above. You can check the produce label to ascertain the 100 percent ingredients (for the oil) and the net weight.

We store Tanzania patchouli, especially the oil in the warm temperature of below 25 degrees Celsius. We maintain the product in a dimly-lit environment to reduce oxidation from light. We also transport the produce under these similar conditions to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam or Arusha. Our vehicles keep the produce fresh as they are fitted with hydro-cooling equipment.

If you are in search of an aromatic herb with an equally appealing essential oil extract, then our Tanzania patchouli is a definite choice. We not only provide the fresh green leaves in immaculate bunches but the glass jar-filled yellowish-brown oil in ample quantities. We cover the quality parameter by being conversant with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) terms. All our farmers grow the crop under GAP, a reason the residual levels are less than 0.01 percent due to abstaining from chemical sprays. We match your quantity needs by growing surplus. Besides, our prices are exceptionally affordable. Make an order today!

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