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We provide high-quality Tanzania tarragon to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Tanzania tarragon from family growers in the country.

Tanzania tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus) refers to an herbal plant that is important in folk medicine and doubles as a spice. In appearance, the plant is slight-looking with needle-like leaves that sprout elegantly from thin twigs.  There are several varieties of the herb in the country including flowerless and seedless French tarragon as well as Russian tarragon. The former is the stable variety as it has a strong, spicy flavor at mealtime. The latter is the hardier garden plant. Its 1 meter-high stature over its shorter cousin compensates for its lesser flavor.

Tarragon is endowed with a wide range of nutrients especially vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B-6 which assists in bodily metabolism is 1.2 times the daily requirements. Vitamin C, essential for immunity against diseases is 0.83 times of the daily value for the nutrient. Vitamin A is 0.84 times the level of its daily requirements. The mineral department is led by iron, for detoxification at almost 1.8 times the daily needs. Calcium for strong teeth enamel trails at 1.1 times of the daily requirements. Magnesium, also important for bone formation is 0.86 times of the daily value. Potassium, which maintains blood electrolytes, is the same value as magnesium while dietary fiber stands at 0.28 times of the daily needs.

We source Tanzania tarragon from the spice-growing areas of Morogoro and Mbeya, alongside the coastal region. We obtain the produce from family growers with less than 2 acres of land that they tend after with organic manure. We also advise our farmers to use chemical sprays responsibly so that the produce will be accepted abroad.

We harvest Tanzania tarragon on a regular basis. We use pruning tools to cut the leaves that have matured into a light green color. If the entire plant is mature, we cut it at the stem level and leave behind at least 3 inches to promote regrowth.  We keep the leaves in a produce box awaiting immediate transfer to the packing shed.

We sort the tarragon leaves based on their strong green color, size and healthy appearance. Any leaves with discoloration or disease go into a culling area for discarding. We keep small leaves separately from long ones for easy sorting and bunching. We also remove any debris such as stalks from the leaves before packing.

Our packing process for Tanzania tarragon starts with bundling the produce into sets of 12. We also have larger sets of 24 for the small leaves. We pack these in half-bushel produce boxes. We first wrap them inside polythene bags or even clamshells, followed by placement into corrugated cartons. We improve the shelf life of the cargo by lining the carton interiors with vented polyethylene material. We sometimes also use top ice especially during hot season harvests.

We store Tanzania tarragon at the temperature of 0 degrees Celsius in our cold room temporarily. We keep the relative humidity at 90 to 95 percent. We also transport the fresh cargo on the same day of packing using our modified environment interior vehicles to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam. This ensures that the dispatch will reach you a day or two after shipping.

We are therefore your first choice when it comes to a fresh supply of Tanzania tarragon. Because our produce emanates from family growers with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications, you can expect certified quality and a residual level of less than 0.01 percent. We also keep your exact quantity in check and deliver the cargo on the due date courtesy of our hardworking farmers who produce a surplus. We seal the deal with quite fair prices that do not break the bank. Make an order today!

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