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Tanzania mustard seed (from Brassica carinata) is the oil-containing produce of a nutritious vegetable. The plant doubles as a leafy green, but its primary purpose is the extraction of oil from the seed. It has also received acclaim as a possible biofuel. In 2012, for instance, a US plane flew by 100 percent biofuel from this plant, but further research is required to make the fuel economical.  The mustard first grew in the Ethiopian highlands about 2000 B.C.  Locals would pound the seeds into a mash for use as a salad. They would also feature the leaves in local foods the same way as spinach. Its taste is mild taste, but spices like garlic can improve it.

Eating mustard seed provides the body with 11 percent of vitamin C proportion of the daily value. The level of iron for the transportation of the oxygen part of blood is 51 percent per serving — magnesium skyrockets at 92 percent of the daily needs, which is enough for maintaining the bone structure. The level of vitamin B-6 for supporting life’s metabolism processes is 20 percent per serving. The calcium margin is equally substantial at 26 percent of the daily needs. You will also get 48 percent of the daily requirements of dietary fiber by the intake of mustard seed. The volume of protein stands at 52 percent, good enough for bodybuilding needs.

We source Tanzania mustard seed from Lukosi, Hembeti and Lushoto districts of the country. Here, our family growers plant the crop next to kales and maintain it through farmyard manure. They keep the crop free of chemical sprays as much as possible to reduce high residual levels.

We harvest Tanzania mustard seed when the pods have changed into a brownish color, and the leaves turn yellowish.  This is just the right time before the pods burst and release the seeds. The locals sometimes keep the blossom heads in a polythene paper for two weeks after which they collect seeds that will have by then burst open. On our part we immediately use hand means to remove the seeds of the pods by unzipping them.  If harvesting the leaves, we pluck them early when they are mature and are yet to turn yellow. We keep them in the dark, airtight containers after each harvest to preserve their color and aroma.

We pack Tanzania mustard in the form of seeds and leaves. In the first case, we use airtight containers with proper labeling of the net weight and 100 percent pure ingredients. We also indicate the variety on the box, indicative of whether it is the purple-tinged type or the Brassica nigra type. We also feature the name of the quality board in Tanzania that has given a quality pass for the packaged seeds.

We pack the leaves of Tanzania mustard in wooden or plastic crates in 10-kilogram packages. We also have a more substantial 12-kilogram offer. Every box consists of half a dozen leaf bunches, but in other cases, this can be double that quantity. We apply liquid ice in each package after proper vacuum-sealing.  We maintain the leaves in a hydro-cooled condition, the same way we do the seeds.

We store Tanzania mustard seed in a cool, dry environment at 0 degrees Celsius. We maintain a relative humidity of between 90 and 95 percent. We also transport the produce in the same temperature gradient via our special vehicles with pre-cooled interiors. You are assured your package will reach your destination after its departure from Dar-es-Salaam in a day or two.

Therefore, if you would like a ready supply of Tanzania mustard seed from a reliable source, you only have to contact us. We obtain the crop from family growers in the heart of the country who grow it under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). This is enough guarantee of quality. We also maintain good rapport with our farmers to ensure a continuous supply in your specified quantity. We also provide pocket-friendly prices. Make an order today!



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