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We provide high-quality Tanzania pyrethrum to the local and export destinations. We source the raw fresh Tanzania pyrethrum from family growers in the country.

Tanzania pyrethrum (pyrethrins) or Pareto in Swahili is a natural insecticide from several types of flowers in the chrysanthemum genus. Two of these include C. cinerariifolium and C. coccineum. Each produces white-colored flowers with yellow central buds. In dried form, the flowers produce the insecticide.

Pyrethrum came to Tanzania in the 1930s courtesy of settlers from the northern neighbor, Kenya. The crop was once a major export from the two East African countries in the years just before and after independence.  The nations’ respective sectors have diminished in glory since then. The biggest pyrethrum farmlands in Tanzania include Tanga to the north-east and Arusha to the north.

We source Tanzania pyrethrum from the highlands in the south of the country.  We also obtain the supplies from perennial sources including the Kilimanjaro region and Tanga. Our family growers own an average of 0.5 hectares of land which they cultivate with farmyard manure. They also keep their crop free of chemical sprays to reduce residual levels.

We harvest Tanzania pyrethrum at early dawn when the flowers are still fresh and untainted by the sun. Our trained army of workers plucks each flower head by hand but often uses garden scissors to cut it at the stem. The team then puts the harvest into burlap sacks ready for delivering to the processing station.

Our warehouse staff then hangs the blooms bottom side up for the next one or two days with the flowers dipped in water.  Drying free of water soaking then follows. The lowered moisture levels keep the pyrethrins compounds at the industry recommendation of up to 1.8 percent concentration per stem.

We extract Tanzania pyrethrum in our plant by first crushing the dried flowers into pieces. The stacked pieces then go into a pelletizing machine that squeezes crude liquid out of them. This black tar-looking substance contains around 30 percent of pyrethrins content.

We further process the pyrethrum to refine its currently high content of vegetable resins and gluey stuff. This thick stuff may interfere with insecticide products as it contains wax and other colored substances.  After refining, the level of pyrethrins goes up to between 20 and 55 percent. The liquid at this time is clarified and has attained an amber color. This liquid is now ready for packing to produce other blends of insecticides.

We pack Tanzania pyrethrum in powder and liquid forms. Our powder comes in jute bags of 25 kilograms basic weight. Our liquid processed product is also available in a 25-kilogram package, usually a drum. The other weight measure is a 50-kilogram plastic drum. We attach product labels to each of our packaged good for proper identification.

We store the processed Tanzania pyrethrum in our cold room at the temperature range of 5 to 15 degrees Celsius. We store the crushed flowers at the temperature range of -2 and -5 degrees Celsius before processing begins.

We transport the pyrethrum cargo in our refrigerated vehicles to the airport in Dar-es-salaam. You can, therefore, expect the delivery to reach you in the next 1 to 2 days depending on your part of the world.

Therefore, if you are hankering after one of the essential commercial produce in Africa, do not hesitate to request for Tanzania pyrethrum. We prioritize quality by being in touch with only Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers. The growers produce sufficient quantity to meet your exact tonnage. We also keep the prices pocket-friendly to meet your exact budgeting quota.  Make an order today!



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