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We provide high-quality Tanzania sunflower oil to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh processed sunflower oil from family growers in the country.

Tanzania sunflower oil is one of the prime edible oil products of the country. Though the nation gets 60% of its vegetable oil such as palm from the overseas, sunflower is the exception. Not only does the drought-resistant yellow-tinted flower thrive all over the country, but it meets much of the demand.  It provides about 40 percent of all the vegetable oil production requirements in the state.  Locals grow it for making both cooking oil and producing flour with the former linked with lush vitamin E and antioxidants that fight tumors. Globally, sunflower oil represents 13 percent of all cooking oil in use.

We source Tanzania sunflower oil from all parts of the country where the crop sustains under diverse weather conditions. Our sources from Singida keep about 0.5 hectares of land which they cultivate under farmyard manure. We only deal with farmers who use chemical sprays sparingly to reduce residual levels.

We harvest Tanzania sunflower for oil production at dawn before the sun is out.  We usually wait until the petals have dried out and are almost falling. By now the head of the flower will have changed from green, then yellow and eventually brown. We usually cut out the head with 4 inches of the stalk intact. We tie these in rubber bands and transfer them to the processing station.

We use certified facilities in Arusha to process Tanzania sunflower oil.  Not only does the ISO-9001 facility provide sterilized cold presses, but it has bottling systems that are constantly de-contaminated. There are also automated packing machines to reduce pathogenic human handling.

We process Tanzania sunflower oil through a cold press. We begin by removing the hulls that entrap the seeds. We then crash the naked seeds into tiny pieces.  These particles then pass through heavy rollers that crush them further into cake-like stuff. These cakes then go into pressing rollers that squeeze the oil out of them.

We often repeat the pressing of the tiny particles to squeeze out any remaining oil from them.  There are even situations where maximum production of Tanzania sunflower oil requires a warm press that not only squeezes but melts the vital liquid out of the particles. Similar to a cold press, this alternative is only a few degrees hotter and thus still retains all the nutrients.  Furthermore, this warm option produces a clearer liquid with low viscosity. We collect the product from the beaker just below the hydraulic setup, for packing.

We pack Tanzania sunflower oil after it has settled and cooled. We use tin containers, PET bottles, aromatherapy glass jars and plastic bottles in brown colors for the purpose. Our basic measure is 250 ml while our flexible measures include 750 ml and 1 l options.  We put about 12 of these bottles in the cartons and seal them tightly to reduce contamination.

We store Tanzania sunflower oil in the temperatures of below 5 degrees Celsius.  This gives the product a 6-month and above shelf life.

We use special trucks that convey the product at the same temperature to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam or Arusha. You can expect the cargo to touch down in your city within the next 24 or 48 hours after dispatch.

In short, if you are hankering after virgin, unrefined vegetable and cosmetic product from a tropical source, then you need to consider our Tanzania sunflower oil. Not only do we source the cluster of the bright yellow flower heads from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified locales but we offer them in sufficient quantities. This is courtesy of our contracted farmers who always go for surplus production. Besides, our cold pressing method keeps the oil 100 percent natural. We touch off the deal with seemly prices that match your budget. Make an order today!



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