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We provide high-quality Tanzania tomato juice to the local and export markets.  We source the raw tomatoes for processing Tanzania tomato juice from family growers in the country.

Tanzania tomato juice is the product of the tomato and has a high Brix level. Despite the raw fruit having 95 percent water, the juice more than atones for the 5 percent remaining solids. The secret to this solidity is the clever evaporation of water to leave mainly the healthy, lycopene-rich pulp behind.  Our raw materials come from the vegetable-growing zone of the Southern Highlands, particularly Iringa.

Tomato juice is highly endowed with all the nutrients of the raw fruit including lycopene. There is ample vitamin K which replaces water as a wound-healing agent. Vitamins A and B series are also present in lush peaks. Eating tomato paste fights cancer due to the potent antioxidant showing.  The paste is also a natural remedy for hair nourishment.

We source our raw tomatoes from family growers in mainly the Iringa region of Tanzania. Our sources grow them in 0.5-hectare backyards. They tend after them with farmyard manure as the soil enrichment. They also abstain from the use of chemical sprays to give their crops acceptance in the market.

We harvest Tanzania tomatoes for processing the juice when they have attained a ripened condition. By now the fruits are either red or plum yellow. We cart away the harvest to the sorting area where we remove the stalks and debris. We remove any immature or overripe berries for other uses. Only fully ripe and mature berries go to the processing stage.

We process Tanzania tomato juice in a very demanding procedure. We aim to attain a Brix degree of 28 percent or an equal percentage of solid matter. For a highly succulent fruit with 95% water, this calls for several solidifying steps.

The first step of processing Tanzania tomato juice is that of mechanical washing after the cartload of the berries is poured onto rollers. The system’s sprinkling water washes all the fruits before they pass to the sorting yard. Here a new round of sorting takes place. The healthiest berries then undergo chopping into small pieces.

The pieces then move into either of two heating choices during Tanzania tomato juice production. One of these is the hot break technique, where we heat the chopped bits at boiling point. The other is the cold break technique where we use the lukewarm heat of 65 to 75 degrees Celsius. The first choice is perfect for the manufacture of the more liquid ketchup which needs 100 degrees Celsius heat. The second option is great for the production of paste.  The paste is highly solid at 36 degrees Brix.

The whole pulp that comes from either of the two heating methods goes into the pulping stage. By now, each pulp has its skin, seeds, and juice intact. Pulping machines come with multiple-dimension sieves. The widest ones allow the entry of juice and some of the smaller solid parts. The smallest sieves for ketchup allow only the juice through. You can also request for either thin or thick juice so that we can adjust the meshes’ width.

We finally evaporate the crude Tanzania tomato juice at 100 degrees Celsius and below. The impetus of this process is the removal of much of the water which ups the solid parts to 28 degrees Brix and above. We then collect the juice in a beaker immediately as it has cooled.

We use PET and plastic bottles as well as metal tins for packing Tanzania tomato juice. We go ahead to wrap the bottles in polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) bags for preservation. We have basic units of 250 ml per bottle. We pack about 30 of these in the bags after which we attach clear labels.

We store Tanzania tomato juice at temperatures of less than 5 degrees Celsius.  We retain headroom of 1-and-a-1/2 inches between the stopper and the neck of the bottle for juice expansion area. We transfer the cargo to the airport via our hydro-cooled trucks on the same day of the harvest. The dispatch will usually reach your destination in a day from Dar-es-Salaam.

In short, nothing beats the syrupy paste of Tanzania tomato juice which we process under international standards. We follow phytosanitary procedures starting with the cleaning and automated processing of the fruits on sterilized equipment. Besides, the quality fruits come fresh from horticultural growers with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. We keep the supplies in the right tonnage by processing surplus for both international and reseller clients. Our prices are entirely fair as we match them to your budget. Make an order today!

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