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We provide high-quality Tanzania limes to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Tanzania limes from family growers in Tanzania.

Tanzania lime (Citrus aurantifolia) or ndimu in Swahili is a small, roundish fruit with a yellow-to-green color. The juicy fruit has an acidic taste similar to a lemon’s. It is a hybrid of various types of oranges including mandarin and citron. It is small-sized with a rind width of at least 3 centimeters across. Its uses include adding flavor to soft drinks and food. It also makes lemonade beverages. This is because, despite its acidic nature, it has a sweeter taste than its lemon cousin. It is also a good source of water worth 88 percent of its dry weight content. Lime trees grow next to oranges, lemons, tangerines and mandarins in the citrus-growing region of Tanga to the northeast of Tanzania.

Limes are native to Indonesia and neighboring regions. They first appeared in the Mediterranean region in the last 3000 years. The word itself comes from the similar-sounding Persian limu and Arabic lima.

Eating limes is a ticket to immunity as its vitamin C content reaches 48 percent of the daily value.  The fruit has iron deposits of 3 percent of the daily requirements. The vitamin A margin stands at 1 percent, marginal enough for promoting good eyesight. There are also calcium levels of 3 percent per serving from this acidic fruit. The dietary fiber level for digestion reasons represents 11 percent of the fruit’s content. The fruit has a potassium margin of 2 percent of the daily needs, essential for blood pressure control.

Our family growers cultivate their limes in north-east Tanzania in Tanga. They keep their orchards free of diseases by intercropping with other fruit trees. Instead of using commercial fertilizers, they employ mulch and well-rotten compost for soil enrichment.

We harvest Tanzania limes in the sixth month after planting the tree. We use sanitized nippers to cut the stalks attaching to the fruit without injuring it. We also gently twist the berry off the branch by gloved hands. Either way, the harvest goes into a basket before transportation to the warehouse for sorting.

We sort Tanzania limes by color, firmness and texture. We choose healthy fruits in a greenish-yellow, firm, and mature condition. We cull any immature, discolored, softened or ripened piece from the rest. We then wash the select pieces and wipe them clean in readiness for the packing process.

Our packing process for Tanzania limes begins with a basic package of 4.5 kilograms per carton. Our standard package also comes in carton form and weighs 9.1 kilograms. Our biggest package features in cartons with a capacity for 18.2 kilograms. We fill each box to the brim and seal it carefully to provide stability for the produce during transit.

We store Tanzania lime at temperatures above 8 degrees Celsius as going below that level can cause chilling damage. For more cold-sensitive varieties, we maintain an average of 12 degrees Celsius for 2-week shelf life. We store the fruits in their produce boxes in a cool, dry environment in the interim to shipping.

We use special trucks to transport Tanzania limes. We keep refrigeration equipment on board where we observe similar temperatures as those of cold house storage. The dispatch from the airport in Dar-es-Salaam usually reaches you in a day.

In short, getting a reliable supply of Tanzania lime is as easy as getting in touch with us. We guarantee quality, fresh supply from farmers with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. We follow strict phytosanitary means to harvest the crop via our gloved workers who use sanitized cutting nippers. We also solicit for surplus from the growers each season to meet your specific tonnage. On top of it all, we keep our prices quite affordable for all our customers. You can therefore start by making a deal today!

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