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We provide high-quality Tanzania vanilla to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Tanzania vanilla from family growers in Tanzania.

Tanzania vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) is a spice that comes from the pods of a flowering plant with flat, thick leaves that resemble those of orchids.  This meal-flavoring plant ranks as the number two most pricey of all spices. Only saffron is higher-priced.  Its uses include flavoring bakery products, making perfumes and in aromatherapy. The spice comes from the bean fruit in dried form. The plant originated in Mexico where legend has it that a goddess intermarried with a human and where they died the plant grew. Away from myth, colonialists first brought the plant to Indian Ocean islands like Mauritius and Madagascar in 1819. From here, the plant might have spread to neighboring lands like Tanzania.

This spice has small margins of minerals that constitute the bulk of its nutrients. Consumption of vanilla provides the body with at least 4 percent of potassium, important for balancing blood electrolytes. The volume of magnesium is 3 percent per serving, essential for strengthening the bones. The calcium concentration for strengthening teeth enamel is 1 percent. With virtually no fat, vanilla gives the body energy courtesy of its 4 percent of the daily value of carbohydrates. Its total calories count is 288.

We source Tanzania vanilla from the northwest near Lake Victoria in Kagera region. We also obtain supplies from the Kilimanjaro area in the north and Morogoro region in the east. Our family growers cultivate the crop in fields of less than 2 acres. They maintain their land through farmyard manure and steer free of the use of chemical sprays.

We harvest Tanzania vanilla when the pods have attained a pale green color from their usual deep green. We also go for pods that have hints of yellowing on their tips. This is usually about 6 to 9 months from the date of flower blossoming. Our trained workers then hand-pick each pod singly. They usually need to detach the pods from the stalks by a gentle pull. They keep each harvested bean in baskets in the shade. They come back in the week to pick any mature pieces that were not ready in the first harvest.

We cure and grade Tanzania vanilla on the same day of harvesting.  Grade 1 consists of the longest beans which have the highest vanillin spice margin. They measure 15 centimeters long.  The second grade is between 10 and 15 centimeters long. The third grade is for beans of maximum 10 centimeters’ length. We keep aside split beans for local use.

Curing of vanilla is a demanding process meant to reduce the water content and maximize on the vanillin one. It starts with a thorough washing in pure water. This is followed by ‘killing,’ a process were the beans soak in hot water for 2 to 5 minutes at 70 degrees Celsius.  They then go into the ‘sweating’ stage. This is where we place the wet beans into wooden crates with a blanket interior. They stay there undisturbed for two days at a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius. This time they turn into a golden brown hue and emit a pleasant scent.

We finally dry Tanzania vanilla in the sun three hours a day over a dark blanket to absorb moisture. At the end of the process, which can last two weeks, the moisture levels of the various graded beans will have reduced by 35 percent. Their aroma will have become magnified and their colors turned glossy brown. Further drying at 35 degrees Celsius at a saturation level of 70 percent imparts better changes.  They are then ready for packing.

We pack Tanzania vanilla beans in their dried form in bundles of 150 grams. We also have 250-gram bunches that we tie carefully with natural fiber. We pack the bundles in wooden crates or metallic boxes. Each box contains wax paper linings to preserve it in a perfect aromatic condition for at least 60 days. We stick produce labels inclusive of the source, the name, net weight and the destination of the cargo.

We store Tanzania vanilla at 5 degrees Celsius. We maintain this temperature during the transportation phase to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam via our refrigerated trucks. You can expect your order will get to your city in a day or two after dispatch.

If you would therefore like to avail a shipment of one of the most expensive spices, then we have got Tanzania vanilla at an affordable price. We source the produce from family growers in Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified farms. We also keep the quantity at the maximum by encouraging our sources to grow surplus each season. Despite the pricey nature of this spice, we keep our rates fair to suit your budget. Make an order today!


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