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We provide high-quality Tanzania pumpkin to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Tanzania pumpkins from family growers in Tanzania.

Tanzania pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima) is the most widespread member of the squash family in East Africa. Its close relatives include C. pepo and butternut squash. This gourd can reach huge sizes: some of the largest recorded gourds weigh up to 45 kilograms in some European market weight contests.  In appearance, the gourd usually is green in color with a hard ribbed rind or exterior. It is round with an almost symmetrical middle part that is topped by a stalk and a button on the ground side. It turns yellowish-green when ripe. Its flesh is yellow and hides similar-colored, oval-shaped flat seeds at the core.

The native home of Cucurbita maxima is the South American highlands. Like the rest of the pumpkin and squash family, it emanated from wild species, in its part Cucurbita andreana.  The species crossed with other varieties which gave rise to today’s C. maxima sub-species. It first grew in the domesticated form about 2000 years ago.

The pumpkin is one of the most significant sources of vitamin A. At 1.7 times the daily value, the vitamin’s margin more than keeps eyesight health. Vitamin C in the fruit represents 15 percent of the daily requirements, important for boosting immunity. The levels of magnesium for strong bones and healthy teeth enamel stand at 3 and 2 percent per serving, respectively. Iron is also present: at 4 percent of the daily needs; it gives the body sufficient nutrition to sharpen brain function. The fruit also comes with a dietary fiber margin of 2 percent, which is enough for improving digestion. There is also a little bit of sugar which adds to the fruit’s taste at 2.8 grams in every 100 grams.

We source Tanzania pumpkin from family growers in the northern parts of Mara district such as Tarime and the southern Kilimanjaro area of Arusha. Here, the plant grows for its nutritious leaves and gourds. It is common to find even on the roadside farms where the plant shoots like a bush in its early weeks. A little while longer, its vines will have crossed the road, sometimes with tough-skinned gourds on them.

We harvest Tanzania pumpkin when the leaves are just tender enough to take for salad making. We wait for the gourds to mature at about 60 days from the date of planting and harvest them. We use well-trained workers to cut the hard stems containing the fruits. The team uses sharp knives to sever the gourds with at least 2 centimeters of the stalk attached. We preserve the harvest in plastic bags as we cart away the fruity vegetables to the packinghouse.

We pack Tanzania pumpkin on the same day or a few hours of harvesting. We grade the fruits by size and healthy exterior as well as the firmness of the fruit. We then put them into one 1/9th bushel size cartons or crates. We then put up the produce labels indicative of the name of the variety, the size, the date of packing, the net size and the country of origin.

Our storage parameters start right at the harvest time when we cart away the polythene-clad fruits to a shade. We keep a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius and do not lower or hike this margin to prevent chilling injury or dehydration. We also maintain a relative humidity of 50 to 75% for Tanzania pumpkin.

We use special vehicles to convey Tanzania pumpkin at the same temperature as the storage one. The cars contain paddings that absorb the friction between fruits and therefore reduce the affinity for damage. You can expect the fresh cargo to make it to your destination in the space of a day or two from dispatch.

We are therefore your one-stop-source for some of the largest and freshest gourds in the East African region. Our Tanzania pumpkins come straight from family growers’ fields where they thrive under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions. Because of the dedication we give our farmers to serve them in their supply chain needs, they keep the supply going to meet your exact quantity needs. On top of it, our prices are quite reasonable for every importer. This is all the more reason you should make an order today!

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