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Locally going under the name mstafeli, Tanzania graviola (Annona muricata) or soursop is an herbal fruit that shoots from an evergreen shrub. The search for a cancer cure from the fruit in recent times has eclipsed even the dietary benefits of the fruit not only in Tanzania but the rest of the world. Be it as it may, this fruit is a powerful antioxidant.  It grows mainly in the lowlands of the nation, especially the southwest in Iringa region.  In appearance, the fruits grow in a bloated shape with a grainy or thorny green skin.  Their flesh is tasty with some hints of apples and citrus as well as other fruits in-between. The leaves are also essential herbal remedies that make soursop tea.

The exact origin of graviola remains a mystery but some point to the islands in the Caribbean and Central America. The dormant-looking shrub with evergreen foliage is now widespread in the tropics and is on the verge of being invasive.

Each serving of Tanzania graviola offers high nutritional value especially of vitamin C. The fruit represents 34 percent of the daily requirements of this immunity vitamin. There is also a high margin of dietary fiber at 13 percent of the dietary needs. The level of protein is 2 percent while that of iron is 3 percent of the daily needs. The potassium levels stand at 7 percent for the maintenance of the blood electrolyte balance. With virtually no fat and negligible sodium, this fruit is a healthy choice for people battling cancer and toxin build-up in the body.

We source our Tanzania graviola from family growers in Mufindi district. They own as little as 0.5 hectares and no more than 1 hectare. They maintain this manageable plot of land with farmyard compost and little or no chemical sprays.

As to harvesting, our Tanzania graviola goes through selective hand-picking. The harvesting crew is always in full PPE including gloves to avoid scratches from the spiky fruits. The workers start with the leaves which, like fruits, have herbal roles to play. They select mature leaves that have buds beneath them. For the fruits, the team picks them whole. If going into processing, our warehouse staff removes the poisonous seeds and skin and retains the edible pulp.

We pack Tanzania graviola fruits in horizontal cartons that we seal under vacuum. Our least portion is of 1-kilogram net weight.  We then attach produce labels inclusive of the packing date, the name of the fruit and the country of origin.

We also pack the soursop leaves in 8-ounce bags that contain 500 to 600 leaves per bundle.  These are more than enough for making graviola tea since only four leaves are necessary to make one cupful. We vacuum-seal them and put 63 such bags in one carton, ready for shipment.

We store Tanzania graviola in a cool, dry storage environment at the base temperature of 4 degrees Celsius. We keep these same environmental conditions during the transportation phase via our refrigerated produce vans. You can expect them to reach you in the space of a day or two from the date of dispatch from the Julius Nyerere International Airport.

You therefore now have a trustworthy supplier of Tanzania graviola right from family growers’ backyards. We source all our fruits from cooperatives and individual farmers who have acquired Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. We also ensure we have the right quantity in every shipment by growing enough crops to meet your tonnage needs way before the due date. We are also discreet in pricing as our rates are quite affordable for every importer. This is why you should make an order today!

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