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We provide high-quality Tanzania frozen vegetables. We source the raw fresh Tanzania frozen vegetables from family growers in the country.

Tanzania frozen vegetables come in the form of blanched, pre-cooled, canned produce. Kept at freezing conditions, the vegetables retain their freshness for longer than their normal shelf life. This also helps it to maintain its nutritional content even in frozen form. However, some researchers have cited that broccoli may diminish some vitamin C levels in its frozen form. However, it is notable that the produce still makes it to its destination stable.

We not only supervise the packing of Tanzania frozen vegetables but closely monitor our family growers during the farming part. We enhance quality further during the phytosanitary harvesting and the preparation of the produce for the market. We begin by hand-picking the produce from various locations. For tuber vegetables like carrots, we look south to Iringa where our farmers are based. For leafy greens like spinach, we look to the east, south, and north. The same applies to legumes, including peas.

The first step after harvesting the to-be Tanzania frozen vegetables is to clean the produce.  Our glove-clad workers use different cleaning methods including sorting, brushing and washing depending on the vegetable. For instance, peas call for water sprinkling for dirt and stain removal. Common beans require the careful sorting of stalks and specks before they can undergo freezing.

The next step for preparing Tanzania frozen vegetables is blanching.  This is the same as pasteurization only that instead of just eradicating pathogens, the process keeps out the additional acidity. Acids in vegetables give them sour taste during long durations of storage and thus the need for their removal. The main acid-causing elements in greens like broccoli are enzymes. These die together with pathogens after boiling the veggies.  The greens then go through a coolant where they await sorting, grading and eventual freezing.

Our glove-clad crew then passes the washed vegetables through a sorting belt. The belt offers many angles for choosing the best from the bad pieces. The workers pick out and discard any misshapen or softened carrot, broccoli, pea or cabbage. The rest goes into various grades based on appearance, variety and other factors.  For peas, a grading tank does the grading work: any pea that floats boasts low starch content and is thus the healthiest grade. Graded peas pass to the freezing and packing chamber.

Tanzania frozen vegetables then go through a careful ice-blowing process that aligns to international guidelines.  One entails passing them through a chilly chamber when still unpacked. When they emerge from the closet, they undergo packing immediately in their frozen condition. Another method is that of passing the already packed fresh greens and legumes through a chamber that blasts cold air onto them. We use ammonia as the safe cooling material over the boxes of the produce.

We immediately store Tanzania frozen vegetables under the below zero temperatures of the cold room. If possible, we deliver the cargo via our refrigerated trucks to the airport in either Dar-es-Salaam or Arusha on the same date of packing. Between the dispatch and arrival at your city, we give a grace period of one to two days.

Whether it is broccoli or peas that you want raw but with an extended shelf life, you now have a supplier who provides Tanzania frozen vegetables. We maintain highly sanitary conditions during post-harvest handling and resort mostly to automated packing to reduce contamination. All our raw produce comes from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family sources. We maintain quantity by directing our family growers to cultivate surplus for each produce. Besides, our prices are entirely fair and match your budget. Make an order today!


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