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Tanzania mandarins (Citrus reticulata) also go under the term mandarin oranges. True to the Chinese-sounding name, the mandarin originally came from the Far-east. It was named in the 1800s when the trade first brought it to Europe where importers labeled it after the orange garments for oriental officials.  Some people call the close relative tangerine as mandarin. Though they appear the same, the former is a distinct variation that originally came from its name place, Tangier in Morocco.

Nearly all three variations of mandarin, namely Satsuma, Clementine (typical variety) and Hybrid are thin-skinned. Their peels come off the fingers easily in comparison with the taut-skinned orange. They also have a deep flush of color and juicy, sweet flesh.

The Tanzania mandarin is made up of 44 percent vitamin C content, which helps to protect the body against diseases. The vitamin B-6 level is 5 percent and it is essential for the promotion of the body’s metabolism processes. Its calcium and magnesium for strong bones and teeth are both 3 percent per serving. There is also potassium level that reaches 4 percent in every cupful of the produce for blood pressure control. It also comes with a substantial amount of energizing sugar and carbohydrates equal to 11 grams and 13 grams in every 100 grams, respectively.

We source Tanzania mandarin from the north-east coastal area and Tanga. In these two areas, farmers cultivate them in small portions for local resale and export.  They usually own less than two acres of land which makes it possible to manage with only farmyard manure and chemical-free. Most of our family growers in Tanga cultivate the crop next to oranges and tangerines.

We harvest Tanzania mandarin as soon as the fruit has changed its color to orange. This is because unlike all other citrus fruits, this particular one becomes sour when it continues to ripen unattended. We use sickles to bring branches closer to pluck the often closely packed fruits one by one. We apply clippers that gently twist the stalk of the fruit under glove-clad hands. We retain a centimeter or so of the stem to the fruit to keep off bruises on its skin.

We wash the fruits and then take them to the sorting yard for grading.  The Fancy grade constitutes perfectly healthy fruits with no spot on their skins and free of insect damage. They are of uniform size, flushed a uniform yellow color and well hydrated with no dried skin. The No. 1 grade which follows has the same qualities as the first grade including proper maturity. Apart from a few allowances, this grade easily works for everyone. All other fruits that are overripe, have scars or are immature go into a separate chamber for local uses.

We pack Tanzania mandarins in 4/5th-bushel size cartons that not only store but ship the fruits. We carry size 56 or 56 fruits in each carton for our smallest consignments. Our biggest packages are size 210 or 210 fruits for each package. All our cartons feature appropriate labels including the name/variety, the number of fruits, the net weight and the country of origin.

We store Tanzania mandarins at 5 degrees Celsius. The highly succulent nature of the fruit with 86% moisture at the time of export allows us to store it at 85 to 90% relative humidity. We continue this temperature monitoring through the transportation phase from the store to the airport via our refrigerated vans. You can avail the dispatch from Julius Nyerere International Airport on the same day or a day thereafter.

You now have a trustworthy and reliable supplier of Tanzania mandarin to count on. All our fruits emerge from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified locations in the south of the country. Even when considering fresh quality and low residual levels, we keep your quantity shipshape by telling our farmers to grow it in advance. You also get our word for quite fair prices that suit your financial plans. Make an order today!

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