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We provide high-quality Tanzania lemons to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Tanzania lemons from family growers in Tanzania.

Tanzania lemon (Citrus limon L. Obsbeck) is the produce of an evergreen shrub in the citrus family. It is a first-class antiseptic aid although its edible uses such as juice making are just as important. It is one of the sourest of all citrus fruits with a citric acid concentration of 6 percent at the maximum. For this reason, it not only treats wounds but features in bitter lemonade soft drinks. In appearance, the oval or round fruit has thick, rough-textured green skin which ripens to a yellow hue. Its interior is subdivided into slices that peel easily. The flesh is white or yellow depending on the cultivar. The plant grows mainly in the north-eastern districts, all in Tanga region. It grows next to oranges, limes and mandarins. Its Swahili name is limau.

The lemon originated in the Indian subcontinent, particularly Burma at unknown dates. It may have been a cross between citron and a sour variety of orange. Since the ancient times, the peel has featured in lemon tea and the flesh in multi-purpose juice making.  More recently, the juice has doubled in tests for charging electronics.

With its high vitamin C content of 88 percent per serving, a slice of lemon gives protection against diseases. Its iron value is 3 percent which also provides immunity against chronic ailments. The vitamin B-6 proportion of the daily value is 5 percent, just the right amount for enhancing metabolism. The calcium and magnesium margins, both important for bone and teeth strength are 2 percent of the daily needs apiece. The fruit also assists in digestion as its dietary fiber margin stays at 11 percent of the daily requirements. Potassium, important for balancing the blood’s electrolytes stands at 3 percent of the daily needs.

We source our Tanzania lemons from Muheza and other districts of the Tanga region. We also have off-season suppliers from the coastal belt. Our family growers maintain their 0.5-hectare orchards with farmyard compost and mulch. They also practice responsible agriculture by forgoing chemical sprays.

We harvest Tanzania lemons when they have reached at least 6 months in the fields. By now, the fruits will be full-sized and on the blink of changing from deep green to light yellow.  Our produce agents guide the workers to select fruits that are substantially large and measure about 3 inches across. The gloved farmhands use a combination of gentle hand-twisting of the fruit off the branch and cutting by sanitized nippers. They then assemble all the berries in a basket in readiness for sorting and packing.

Our sorting process for lemons begins by carting away the fruits to the warehouse. Our PPE-wearing workers retain firm, sizable and greenish-yellow fruits for export. They cull any discolored, immature or ripened berries for other uses. They then wash the fruits in clean water and wipe them dry, ready to pack them.

We pack Tanzania lemons on the same day of the harvest. We use the basic carton weight measure of 18.2 kilograms for our first package. We also have smaller, flexible packages with a 4.6-kilogram capacity, besides those of 3.6 kilograms. Our bags come with sizes for 900 grams, 1.4 kilos and 2.3 kilos.  Whether it is a mini-pack, a big-size carton or custom bag, we ensure that the fruits are packed tightly to keep them stable. We finally include the produce labels of name/cultivar, size, the net weight and the country of origin.

We store and transport Tanzania lemon under the temperature range of 12 to 14 degrees Celsius which gives up to 3 weeks of freshness.  For yellow lemons, we go a notch lower to 10 degrees Celsius which brings a shelf life of 6 weeks.  Our expeditious delivery to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam via our special trucks means the cargo will reach you in at least a day.

If you are therefore after the jack-of-all-trades among herbs, then you have got our Tanzania lemon to count on. All our produce comes from family growers who have acquired Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. We also ensure that there is sufficient quantity by being always in touch with diverse farmers from the citrus-growing regions of the north-east. What more, our prices are quite low in comparison with those of other suppliers. Make an order today!

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